Tony Strickland downgraded by Numbers USA for dodging questions on Amnesty

By Greg Aprahamian

The Congressional race in CA 25 is nearing its final stretch and Numbers USA, which is one of the country’s leading organizations battling illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegal aliens, just downgraded Tony Strickland on its candidate comparison.  He refused to answer a direct question asking him to state his position on the legalization of illegal aliens.

Short Youtube video of Tony Strickland taken by Greg Aprahamian asking about Amnesty.  Be advised the amateur video is very shaky:

Steve Knight, the Republican competitor running against Tony Strickland continues to retain his poor rating on the Numbers USA candidate comparison, because of the pro amnesty petition that he signed earlier. Steve Knight continues to refuse to improve his Numbers USA ratings despite many constituent requests to get him to remove his name from the pro amnesty petition that he signed. Both are Republicans, running to fill the seat now occupied by retiring Congressman Buck McKeon. This is an unusual situation created by Proposition 14’s “Top Two” rules in an uncommon (for California) heavily Republican district. However, both are “moderate” Republicans, not subscribing to much of the Republican platform.

Please visit the Numbers USA Candidate comparison here:


























Tony Strickland and Steve Knight’s contact phone numbers. Please call if you feel strongly about Amnesty:

Tony Strickland: 661-347-8155

Steve Knight’s Cell phone: 661-400-5207

Greg Aprahamian is a Santa Clarita resident who is concerned about illegal immigration


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