Top 10 BIGGEST LIES About Covid-19


(Natural News) Covid is a group of symptoms, not a disease, according to one of the world’s leading virus experts, Dr. Judy Mikovitz. When you test “positive” for Covid, you’re really just testing positive for common colds, flu viruses and pathogens from previous vaccines. When most people run a high fever, their body is actually fighting off bacteria from the Covid masks they wear all day and the pathogens that were injected with the Covid inoculations.

The entire pandemic is based on false pretenses and fabricated statistics, so we must look at the biggest lies that were concocted, like a synthetic virus in a lab, and then spread around with propaganda, like a TV “breaking news” pandemic update.

Anyone wearing a mask who got a flu shot this summer is literally growing the pandemic because they will be sick and test “positive” for Covid, and also be convinced they had Covid. Then when they quarantine, social distance and continue to mask up, they will be weakening themselves while exacerbating whatever cold or flu they have even more so.

Therefore, the vaccines start the wave of sickness, the PCR tests show almost everyone positive for vaccine-induced sickness, and the masks and lockdowns fuel the viruses and bacteria even more. It’s a vicious cycle and everyone thinks we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic caused by a virus, when it’s really caused by the Covid vaccines and promoted by false-positive PCR testing.

Which of these TEN most popular Covid lies do you still believe?

LIE #1. Covid is still contagious when you’re asymptomatic.

LIE #2. PCR tests tell you whether or not you have or had Covid-19 (or Delta).

LIE #3. Vaccines usually prevent you from catching Covid, or make it a mild case if you do.

LIE #4. Covid-19 vaccines help with immunity against variants, like Delta and Lambda.

LIE #5. A lab can test for Covid-19 and prove in court if you had it (like forensic DNA).

LIE #6. Covid vaccines are safe, even for pregnant women.

LIE #7. Vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity.

LIE #8. Without vaccines, you’re at high risk of catching and dying from Covid.

LIE #9. Vaccines provide better immunity for Covid than vitamin D, zinc and Ivermectin.

LIE #10. Masks, social distancing and lockdowns have helped “flatten the curve.”

The 160 million Americans who got Covid vaccinated have a new inflammatory disease driving their “pre-existing” inflammatory diseases

Most Americans who got the Covid jabs already are the ones who are terrified of the virus because they already have compromised immune systems, whether from obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, COPD or just chronic inflammation from poor eating and toxic medicine, including vaccines.

The spike-protein injections (Covid shots) are creating trillions of miniscule clogs in the blood, causing the heart to become inflamed and overworked, driving other diseases to the tipping point (needed hospitalization or death).

Healthy people can fix this “pandemic” by NOT getting any vaccines and NOT wearing a mask, as Dr. Mikovitz has explained.

Scholars, doctors, scientists and immunologists are stepping up and blowing the whistle on the “plandemic” and exposing the fake shots, the fake tests that almost always read positive, and the fake “safety protocols” that are being shoved down our throats by big and small government alike, plus by corporations, school systems and most of all, the medical industrial complex.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on these vaccine-induced crimes against humanity, plus the inside scoop on the upcoming “Delta” and “booster-vaccine” Holocaust, part II. Remember, if someone you know is pro-vaccine right now, that also means they are anti-science, because if they would look at the science, they would clearly see that vaccines are not safe or effective, but rather dangerous and defective.

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Wow, can’t believe anyone would write this trash. Also, can’t believe the sheeple believe this trash. Get the vaccine, and skip the sheep dewormer.


Ha Ha Ha! More people have severe adverse reactions & more death from the vaxxes than covid. In fact, you will be awoken at some point in time (possibly too late) and see that the Covid variants are in fact vaccinated people spreading around the common cold but spike proteins making them very sick. Here in Australia all the vaxxed keep getting sick & the unvaxxed have to do extended work hours to keep businesses running.
Just look at TGA Australia, NIH United Kingdom, Israel, Thailand, etc.
I have studied this since before this pandemic began. Bill Gates said it would come in a TED Talk 2015. March 2019 they did testing in NYC with World Health Organisation – preparation for the release later in the year. He then declared Smallpox would make a come back & 2 weeks later Smallpox vials found in numerous facilities in the USA. In 2021 World Health Organisation discussed a Marburg Haemmoragic Virus outbreak & couple of months latera Haemmoragic Virus was released in Asia killing many thousands.
The PCR tests give false results 97% of the time – they cannot distinguish between common cold/influenza, etc. Just research yourself – CDC USA admitted July 2021 – yet kept using them until start of 2022 – knowing they don’t work.
Rapid Antigen Tests are nearly as bad!
Both have Ethlene Glycol (Antifreeze used in Car Coolant system) which is carcinogenic – check FDA USA yourself (they just say there is not enough to harm you – but tell you to regularly test!
Funny coincidence – Ethlene Glycol also causes you to lose your sense of smell – hence taste!
I could go on for hours. The vaccines are designed to kill you – generally slowly – although some quick – depending on the batch you get.
The current vaccine was patent in 2015 by Richard Rothchild in the Netherlands – then 2017 in the USA. It has been in development since 1986 – it is not a new vaccine! They lower your immune system by 500%.
Good luck with your jabs – make sure you take the booster every 3 months as they say the don’t last longer than that – check for yourself. Really, good luck!


what for im not vaccinated all i got was a head cold and a very mild cough


Do about 5 minute’s worth of research and stop being a useful idiot. HCQ and Ivermectin have been demonized BECAUSE THEY WORK. The powerful people running things couldn’t make a killing depopulating the earth with their “vaccine” unless they got Emergency Use Authorization. They couldn’t get EUA with two effective cures. Cheap, safe cures. Fauci and CDC admitted the PCR tests can’t be trusted and stopped using them. So all of the “case” numbers since day one are fabricated. The whole plandemic is based on lie after lie. You don’t even need to dig. Just barely scratch the surface.


Don’t be foolish Covid is real. Use common sense and live a healthier lifestyle. Drop a few pounds get some exercise and get your head in a good place. If taking the vaccine does it for you then do it. Live your life to the fullest everyday you might get hit by a bus before the Covid gets you.


covid is real – via the vaccines – proven scientifically


its just a head cold and cough


People that believe that the FDA, WHO, the federal govt etc care about them are retarded. Anyone taking the jab is a half dead, low IQ idiot who deserves to be culled.


You have no room to speak, with a name like Jimbo.

Mikailah Jensen

I know they lied about the massive number of deaths. The numbers don’t add up at. Go back over last 5 years for total deaths in US. 1 year when there was no pandemic, the number of total deaths rose 3%, during first year of covid, only 2% rise in normal deaths, leaving somewhere around 69K more deaths than previous year, which could account for a number of things, like perhaps more elderly Populus was up that year, flu, more serious strain, etc. Im against vaccine, which I do not believe is a vaccine at all. Supposedly my whole family had it, my daughter lost her sense of smell. Rest was like flu. Lot of Vit-C and I was over it in 4 days. I’m old too, have great grandchildren even.

Sheryl Hamlin

Quick read of RFK, Jr. book….number one blowout on Amazon….


why are vaccinated people / doctors irritated when I tell them I’m not vaccinated? They are more dangerous to be around with the vaccination “shedding.” Clearly a doctorate doesn’t do justice for commonsense.


There is no vaccination shedding you silly gose


and still the vaccinated are getting more symptom than i got and now i have herd immunity.


both parents first dose – 14 year old daughter started getting irregular and heavy periods. second dose – started getting gel like slimy globules of blood . Then an actress in USA also had similar issues after travelling on a flight full of vaxxed people. Another women in Melbourne Australia gets skin rashes & bad headaches when near her vaccinated friends. More & more are coming forward. I am a male. I have a condition called Fibromyalgia. I get really bad headaches & inflammation (arthritic pain – much worse than normal Fibro pain that my medication keeps in check)
We cannot get too close to the vaxxed.

Mike Smith

Jake post = Fake post.

Don’t believe Jake, she is an ugly middle aged CCP troll being paid to fuck over the dumbest US citizens. Don’t be a sap and believe her shit.


it’s sad when “science” is used as propaganda, and the truth is ignored.


I have a FDA advisory committee meeting 161 where they clearly tell you that it’s a 2 to 1 placebo, and that it’s a 3 phase trial.. government cannot mandate, and we all have nurimburg code.. that’s why they left it up to each state to do whatever they want. So if you are forced to vaccinate you see your state or the company you work for if they make you vaccinate , I swear to God all mighty I know 9 people that have died from COVID-19 vaccine.. and I had this chest cold, influenza a and b


Need to do my own research. Please list the 9 dead people who you’re swearing at God Almighty about and how you know they died from the poison jab. Thanks.


i may not know any but thats not to say it hasn’t happened can yoy guarantee there were none

Last edited 1 day ago by john

I like it when morons bring up the Nuremberg code. It’s never been ratified in the U.S., so it hold no bearing on this argument.


doesn’t mean forcing a vaccine not is not test long term on the population is right. and for what a head cold


Yep. I know vax killed people personally & through colleagues. I know of many severe adverse reactions. I know the initial Pfizer trial had 1223 people die in first 2 weeks from 42,000. 53% severe adverse events. I know they give saline solution to many. It is Russian Roulette…..


I knew it was B’s from the beginning, when they said put on a mask.. I begin to do my homework on Tor browser, I don’t and won’t ever wear a mask or will I play this sick Mass genocide.


CDC USA has in their possession over 150 papers discussing that face diapers do not work. Virus molecules – 0.125 micron. Surgical mask spacing – approx. 80 micron. Cloth masks – approx. 150 micron.
You can test them yourself – blow on a pair of glasses and you will fog them up. Your moisture from your mouth carry viruses/bacteria/germs. Now put 5 surgical face masks on your face & blow through on to the glasses. If they fog up (and they do) that is the water molecules carrying viruses/bacteria/germs straight through 5 surgical masks!!!
One surgical mask will lower your Oxygen by approximately 75% & increase your CO2 by around 82%.
Then the fact that everyone keeps touching, readjusting masks – putting germs on to their masks & face.
On top of that – viruses can enter through your eyes & ears!

Masks are used for compliance, submissiveness (like a gag in BDSM) obedience. They are used to make the vaccinated that get a cold sicker – as your immune system is lowered & getting less oxygen to your lungs that are struggling from the vaxx will get you into hospital when the Pneumonia kicks in. Then they want you on to a ventilator so they can kill you. You are listed as another unvaccinated Covid death in the system to make sure everyone does not stop getting the fake vaxx.


The vaccine caused my hair to turn blue and my penis to grow 3 inches

John Holmes

I’ve had both my shot, and booster. That makes 6 inches growth!!!

J. Guldenburger

Yeah, I always suspected you had a penis.

Clifford Schuchart

This is all 100% Political, only the Democrats and Media are pushing the Vaccine Mandate Hoax


The rate of conservatives dying versus liberals means any future elections will have whole buttload of less voters. So, yeah, who’s stupid now you pro-covid moron.


There will be a whole lot less liberals in the future. Sad for their families but hopefully people will get their heads out of the sand and start thinking for themselves. The media is all lies.


It’s working

Michael Davies

A Vaccination Conundrum.

Why do the ‘Protected’ need to be ‘Protected’ from the Unprotected by forcing the Unprotected to use the ‘Protection’ that didn’t ‘Protect’ the ‘Protected’ in the first place? Hmmm..tricky! So, to conclude then; you have to coerce and convince the Unvaccinated to get the Vaccination because it works so very well, so they will get the Vaccination, whilst simultaneously trying to coerce and convince the already Double-Vaccinated to get a third Vaccination because the two previous Vaccinations didn’t work as well as they thought they would.

Well…good luck with that one!!


If brakes work, then why seat belts? If seat belts work, then why airbags?
Your circular logic proves you are not intelligent enough to understand that covid is mutating because of anti-vaxxers who are getting sick, and spreading it.


LOL! That’s your logic? Glad I didn’t go to the same schools as you. You are a sheep Jessie! God bless you and hopefully soon you too will stop listening to the media and thinking for yourself.


I love your holier then thou reply Ginger. You apparently do not care for your neighbor as the Bible states. Calling someone a sheep is a sad way to call someone names. I’m sure you were the bully in school, saying mean things in a sugary voice.


Sheep Goes Baaaahhhhh


You don’t need to argue with anti-vaxxers
you just need to wait.

gene pickell

grade school science proves Covid plandememic! NO vaccine is ever a cure. It is a preventive measure nothing more. It can not guarranty anything except you might have a reaction and usually light case of the virus infection or worse! Why? Vaccines contain minimal amount of virus to trigger imune response. Now your body is aware of the virus and can more easily pinpoint infection and react accordingly. Older people who never had this strain are at risk because their immune respons goes into 200% hypermode irritating and exsaserbating other pre existing health care issues. It causes the lungs to fill with fluid. Pnuemonia from flu and colds are th most common way of getting it. No vaccine is supposed to penetrate cell nucleus and manipulate dna in any way! This is globally mandated. There are reports that some of these do just that and not in a good way. One study claim was it keeps the dna from repairing itself. That means you could develop other disieses or develope other problems by not letting dna do what it does naturally.If children whose dna is still developing are being forced to vaccinate and the previous research true then Fauci and his ilks are playing dr. Joseph Mengela’s theme song. Funny why we cant have open public discorse and open scientiffic debate.


Vaccines are population control. People with the vaccine are getting Covid hand over fist.


I’m not, and I’m fully faxed and boosted. How do you explain that?


Actually, it’s population control for all the morons that don’t get the vaccine, but sure you keep believing you are right. You’re just trying to get a Herman Caine award.


omicron is just a head cold and a cough thats all i got it lasted 2-3 days thats it, no  population control here, that for those that have too many jabs.


I don’t need to listen to Judy Mikovits. I can use my own common sense and critical thought from the actual scientific studies and analysis performed by world renowned doctors like Dr. John Ioannidis and Sucharit Bhakdi. From this, I know that what is listed as being a “covid” (the virus that was never isolated) diagnosis has an infection fatality rate of around 0.15% and the vaccines have a 1% absolute efficacy with the potential of causing massive damage to the immune system. I also know “doctor” Fauci has contradicted himself several times and sounds more like a career bureaucrat than an actual scientist. Thanks for your input though, “Sue.”


Wow, that makes a lot of sense, oh wait 803,000 people are dead in the United States. So, I guess they don’t mind that the fatality rate is 0.15%.

Andrew Baback Boozary MD

for anyone telling you this holiday season “the vaccines don’t work.”
latest CDC data:

  • Unvaccinated: 6.1 deaths per 100k
  • Vaccinated: 0.5 deaths per 100k
  • Boosted: 0.1 deaths per 100k

1.unsourced 2. nonsense-selection bias 3. even if it were even close to a valid argument, it isnt, we have a choice and it is not yours to force on people. 5. do you have vaccine stock or a profit incentive? is oxy contin a non addictive opiate you want to push on your patients? Ah man, these fraudsters and-or bad doctors. If you are a doctor you make the case not to trust the profit motive incentivized doctor.

Last edited 3 days ago by Ron

just numbers the only way out is herd immunity and that coming very soon. and omicron it a head cold for the unvaccinated . and in my own family the vaccinated get worse symptoms.

Dave G

The so called vaccines are novel mRNA gene therapy which have been given emergency use authorisation.


It’s been fully authorized by the FDA and the CDC. The emergency authorization is no longer accurate.


Incorrect but you keep spreading that. Note that in the footnotes it says you cannot sue for any damage caused by the covid19 vaccines. Legal impunity from thee effects of a product = you are taken for a sucker. They know their vaccines are causing some death and a serious side effects and want legal impunity.


where is the long term results, oh wait there is none.




My sister developed severe dementia with hallucinations and paranoia one month after her 2nd Pfizer shot. She has seen a Neuropsych and geriatric psychiatrist, had catscan and MRI of her brain, we’re trying to get her in to see a Neurologist, but am told they are months behind due to the influx of patients due to psychosis from having Covid or reactions to the vaccine.
My sister quit eating in July and has lost over 30 lbs, complete personality change. I reported this on the Vaers site (very difficult to use) and there must be a place to report and discuss these devastating effects of the vaccine other than a blamed government site to be ignored.

Jim W

I’d love to see the lies about the origin and countermeasures. Things like did it escape from a lab in wuhan? does it live prolonged on surfaces? How effective are masks? These are the questions that have seen people banned from social media, which is todays public square, and given momentum to political campaigns. Townhalls/BoS meetings are being ripped apart every day along these lines.


Masks don’t work. Here’s the “science” or just practical wisdom, if you’ve ever sanded sheet rock and worn a mask or a respirator. Once you’ve worked for a while, take off the mask and see all of the white dust around your nose and mouth. Sheet rock dust is much larger than a virus.


The dust masks are not the same as surgical masks. You seem to be as dense and sheet rock.

J. Hammerstein

Hahahaha, good one Jesse !


Who wrote this. Cant stand behind your work.


their name is at the top of article you dooch


Hi Kathy,

your comment was approved.

Thank God finally an article that makes sense!! I have felt the same way all along!! You can also check out and Greg Reese’s videos. The fake vaccine contains antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) which will make the human body attack itself, and most likely anyone that’s gotten the vaccine could be dead within a couple of years. This vaccine is all a big facade for the government and big Pharma and the rich to acquire total World genocide and alleviate the overpopulation of our planet and control the world!! I will never accept that fake jab in my body!! I so appreciate you posting this message!! I wish the world would wake up and pay attention and take back their rights as Americans!! The fake covid-19 vaccine invention did not follow any one of the 10 medical Nuremberg codes, and the world just seems to be okay with that!! Them forcing or mandating this fake jab is absolutely unconstitutional and fully goes against the First Amendment!! help us all…


Thank God finally an article that makes sense!! I have felt the same way all along!! You can also check out and Greg Reese’s videos. The fake vaccine contains antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) which will make the human body attack itself, and most likely anyone that’s gotten the vaccine could be dead within a couple of years. This vaccine is all a big facade for the government and big Pharma and the rich to acquire total World genocide and alleviate the overpopulation of our planet and control the world!! I will never accept that fake jab in my body!! I so appreciate you posting this message!! I wish the world would wake up and pay attention and take back their rights as Americans!! The fake covid-19 vaccine invention did not follow any one of the 10 medical Nuremberg codes, and the world just seems to be okay with that!! Them forcing or mandating this fake jab is absolutely unconstitutional and fully goes against the First Amendment!! help us all…

Ann Giovanazzi

Thank you for the truth.

Saunter Sway

In 1987 Joseph Robinette Biden , known only as Joe Biden, had to drop out of the presidential race, because he was such a known liar. Nobody wanted him to be president. Then in 2020 he told us he was taking the seat from Trump like this…”I don’t need your help to win the Election.”
He also went on to tell us he wanted us to be bad people.”I need your help after the election.” Then they, instead of being kind and caring about ourselves, they thrust the one way ticket to Hell, in our faces, and screams take the GD shots. All the while we wonder…is the vaccines the mark of the Beast? Seriously, we have been censored, and even shut down, for days, over talking about it, online. Common sense, says something is up. Now look at Afghanistan.
He has 3 countries pointing nukes at us. China, Russia, and Iran.
The world got fires and China got another big flood. Now Afghanistan.

Tammy Stiles

Great Artical


Bad spelling.

George Pattone

Their plan didn’t go as planned…

Unfortunately, this makes them more dangerous, as is a cornered wild animal…

Be very vigilant as they will do anything to encourage civil unrest so they can call in the United Nations and/or the PLA…to maintain “order” and “safety”…

These are dark and depraved people….

And why does Moderna have an ingredient called Luciferinase again???

Last edited 4 months ago by George Pattone

Luciferinase: an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of a luciferin, causing it to produce a visible glow.


Finally some one who has sense and makes sense .This is exactly as I Thought Thank you


Great article of facts not propaganda.


I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not.