Top-10 Reasons Comey Caved

By Philip Ford

What the Hell?

James Comey, the vaunted “straight-shooter” who heads the FBI, stood in front of the nation and detailed precisely the ways in which Hillary Clinton had broken the law in maintaining a private e-mail server in her home during her tenure as Secretary of State.

And then straight-arrow Jim said he was recommending no criminal charges be brought against her.

What the Hell?

The end result so belied everything that came before, I think the reporters were caught flat-footed, and Comey managed to walk out of the room without anyone yelling questions at his back.

You know… questions like, “What the Hell?

The easiest conclusion to draw from this is that Comey was bought off. I don’t want to believe that. I read sincerity in his delivery regarding the “professionalism” exercised by his troops in seeking the truth of Clinton’s behavior; and I read him as somewhere between uncomfortable and seething when he delivered his … ummm, conclusion.   His non-result result. His turn-tail-and-run stand for justice.

When he walked out, he looked like he needed to find a bathroom, bad!

So what else, other than bribery, could possibly explain this completely incomprehensible turn?   If Comey wasn’t bribed to weasel out, what else could possibly explain how he could deliver chapter and verse as to why Hillary qualifies for a striped pantsuit, and then say he’s recommending no indictment?

Here are my Top-10 reasons for Comey’s Cave-in:

10.     His boss, Loretta Lynch, told him she’d fire everybody else  in the FBI if Comey didn’t cave.

 9.      Lynch warned Comey that her buddy Barack said he’d put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the FBI if he didn’t cave.

 8.      Lynch pointed out that Hillary knows where Comey lives, and she could have a wetworks team spun up inside of an hour.

 7.      Lynch told Comey, “Don’t worry, Barack’s just messing with Hillary, he wants her to think  she’s gonna get the brass ring, give her a little taste of glory before I bring her up on charges for all that pay-for-play corruption at their Foundation.”

 6.      Lynch told Comey that Bill had pleaded with her on the tarmac to Please, please let Hillary get me back in the White House, I can’t get any action in Chappaqua!

 5.      They’re still busy grooming Biden to step in, and they can’t have Hillary in handcuffs until Biden can recite the oath of office without using the F-word.

 4.      Lynch said Comey could have her  job once President Hillary puts Lynch on the Supreme Court.

  3.     Bill promised to get Comey onto Epstein’s private jet for a little visit to that out-of-the-way No-Virgins Island, where all those out-of-bounds activities abound.

  2.     The DNC said they’d provide Comey a little pied-a-terre in Colorado and a lifetime supply of Mountain-High marijahoochie  if he played along.

  1.     Lynch said, “Don’t worry Jim, nobody’s watching, nobody’s gonna care what you say…”

Come to think of it, some of those actually are bribes, aren’t they?

Well, that only makes sense. The truth is, it is extremely hard to fathom how Comey could possibly have done what he did, unless he was bribed. And given his “unimpeachable” reputation, those who know him, or who know of his stellar career, are all scratching their heads bloody and asking very difficult, very meaningful questions.

Questions like, “What the Hell, Jim?”

Hmpff.   “Hillary in handcuffs.” Had a nice, alliterative ring to it, didn’t it?

James Comey taking his oath of office -- Photo FBI

James Comey taking his oath of office — Photo FBI

Philip Ford is an author living in Ventura County.


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Concur with Thomas Adams. Would like to add that even though Obama is probably not a citizen (even with the dog and pony show of a birth certificate supposedly presented), no one has the balls to criticize an African-American lest you be called a racist. Comey probably, in addition to a thousand other reasons, would not want to criticize or bring charges against Hil-liar-ry because she’s a woman. Many times during her romps on the campaign trail has she used her”woman” status as a ploy to receive votes.

William "Bill" Hicks

One thing is for sure, Comey provided republicans with plenty of information why Hillary shouldn’t be elected to the highest office in our Nation. My hope is that they don’t fumble around too much grandstanding on TV and use this information effectively.

William "Bill" Hicks

What exactly were Comey’s motives is up to conjecture. I won’t go there. I can only refer people to google the terms “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt vs A Preponderance of Evidence.”

Either way, it’s a matter of degree, not if a crime has been committed, from how I read it.

Thomas Adams

The Clintons are playing chess while most-everybody else is playing checkers…Comey was forced into playing chess. I believe Comey was blackmailed/ threatened/ leveraged/ cornered (etc) and because he IS honest, he had to make a strategic move. He wasn’t required to hold a press conference, but he did. In doing so, if you read between the lines, he ACTUALLY said ‘my nuts are in a vice, so I’m going to give the world a load of actionable info.’ It’s the only move he could make to maintain as much integrity as possible without suffering whatever Machiavellian consequences are hanging over his head. Firing everybody in the FBI isn’t subtle enough. More likely, a handful of people, those for whom Comey cares deeply, would have their lives ruined, reputations dragged through the mud wreaking havoc on their careers and family lives. THAT’S the CLINTONIAN way. Many will maintain that Comey is a puppet, and maybe he is. But he just might be a hero who is taking a bullet to protect those he cares about, which, based on what EVERYBODY who knows him has said of him, sounds more like what is in his character.