Transgenders’ Rights




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This may seem somewhat blunt and offensive to some, but it represents the feelings of others and why the topic is headline news and so contentious:

“Creepy” characters…  There are many women that will tell you that is the feeling they get when they see certain people.  And you can include some men who might just react aggressively to such a situation.  We are talking about those individuals that make people feel like their skin is crawling when they see them around children or bathrooms.  We are talking about profiling, yes, but that includes that undefinable feeling of “fight or flight” that is part of our human DNA and has served to protect us throughout mankind’s existence.

The present Administration in Washington, DC is once again attempting to bypass Congress by telling the States that use by Trans genders (not to be confused with Transsexuals) of any bathroom of their choosing is their Right as guaranteed by the Constitution, and, in the next breathe tying that statement to Federal funding of State programs.  This has led to the opening of a can of worms.

First of all what constitutes a Transgender?   Is a verbal declaration of the feeling (because that is what it is) sufficient?  Should local or State Government insist that a medical or psychiatric diagnosis determine whether or not a person is Transgender or just a cross-dresser?   Should there be a requirement that such a person MUST comply with the public standard that conforms to the hygiene and clothing patterns for the sex (s)he has chosen?  And should laws be passed before (s)he be permitted to enter any bathroom of their choice?  Or should it be required that if they behave, dress, or have the speech characteristics of their choice of sex be sufficient to give them unchallenged entrance to the bathroom of their choice?  Must we now have Bathroom Police telling people who is presently in the bathroom?

Of course, the situation can easily be solved by creating Public, single use bathrooms much as those we have in our homes but that these will be designated through signs for bisexual use.   Of course that must also be the case with locker rooms in Athletic Clubs and industrial use buildings.  And if we look deeper into this can of worms…

There may come a time when some of us will agree that Civil Rights must be seen in the light of what benefits the majority rather than an individual as well as what is moral or “Right or Wrong”. 

Disabled people have a right to receive legal, special consideration, whereas those that perceive themselves as “different” are pushing their Agenda onto other’s plates and demanding concessions.  The burden of proof is not on Government or the Courts but on these individual people. 


Leo Alvarez retired from Law Enforcement after 33 years and is the Co-founder, with his wife Jane, of The Children’s Wall of Tears™


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One Response to Transgenders’ Rights

  1. William "Bill" Hicks May 11, 2016 at 9:18 am

    You can count on one of two things happening with this demand from Washington D.C.:

    1) Assault upon a genetically determined person by a non-genetically determined person.

    2) Assault upon a non-genetically determined person by a genetically determined person.

    It’s only a matter of time. What politician(s) wants to be on the hot seat when it does happen? Any volunteers? I doubt it; the sniveling cowards.


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