Traveling Portugal with photographer David Pu’u

By David Pu’u

A little background on this trip.  I actually have never been to Europe. Part of my family came from this place where I am writing, a couple hundred years ago. The family name was Miguel. My ancestor had made his way to Hawaii, and married into a Hawaiian family.

Much to ponder after getting a bit of an awakening from discussions regarding the EU, Globalism, and while experiencing some remarkable generosity from Mario Pinto, who I met in K38 and has hosted us today. Mario introduced us to some of his friends and special places, all a part of the texture-melange that is his home here. If I had been videoing the day, it would have made for an incredibly rich little short film or TV show.

I could leave after this day, and the experiences this far, would be sufficient for anything which I might write.

Below are some images from the flight here and the first day in  San Jao de Estoril, Portugal.

Flying into Lisbon

Flying into Lisbon




















































David Pu’u is an internationally recognized photographer and cinematographer with broad experience ranging from editorial publication, to television and feature film production. Currently David is lead creative and CEO of Neocreative Inc, which develops and licenses IP related to Photography, Literature and Film. He is Co Founder of OceanLovers Collective Inc.  He holds a Certification as a Rescue Boat Operator and First Responder via K38 Maritime and AWA, and is trained in risk assessment and mitigation in marine environments. 


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