Treasonous Traitors, or True Patriots?

By Phil Erwin

OK, now it’s official. The entire Democrat pantheon of Senators, ex-Presidential candidates, Secretaries of This & That, together with the national Press (ex-FOX) have gone way, way off the Deep End.

And of course, they’re expecting the rest of the country to follow them.

Straight into Oblivion.

On Monday, 47 Republican Senators released an open letter to the leadership of Iran’s theocracy regarding one aspect of our non-theological democracy.   This document simply reviews our Constitution’s requirements for Congressional approval of foreign agreements. They point out that any “executive agreement” that is not approved by Congress is not binding on the U.S. beyond the current Administration.

The rabid response from the Left ranged from delirious to demented, accusing those Senators of everything from racially-motivated obstruction of Obama’s agenda to violation of U.S. law regarding negotiating with foreign powers. But all those Senators did was state in clear, simple terms the Constitutional legalities with respect to Congressional approval of foreign agreements.

They were perhaps concerned that Iran’s Ayatollah might be laboring under the false belief that our President is as “Supreme” a leader here as His Nibs is over there.

The 47 signatories of this communique would be 20 votes shy of the number needed to actually approve any formal treaty that the Ayatollah might be expecting the US to accept – an unlikely event, since those same Senators are among those convinced that the agreement currently under consideration leaves Iran a clear path to the nuclear pinnacle of international politics.

And that is precisely what Bibi Netanyahu last week pointed out would be the inevitable consequence of the ”deal” that our imperious President seems so desperate to sign, just as soon as his bumbling Secretary, Kerry, can come up with a pen.

Call me silly, but I think the fact that 47 Senators are prepared to put their names, their reputations and their futures on the line to protect their country is indicative of strength, of courage, of conviction, and a deep-seated concern for the future of us all.

What they got for their concern was an instantaneous labeling as “traitors” by New York’s trashier “newspaper,” the Daily News, and “treasonous” by perennial Democrat hothead Howard Dean. Meanwhile, Colorado’s Democratic Rep. Jared Polis, in sophomoric, libelous slurs posted on Twitter, referred to Arkansas’ new Senator Tom Cotton as “Tehran Tom” and implied he was colluding with Iran.

Senator Tom Cotton when serving in Iraq

Senator Tom Cotton when serving in Iraq

(Senator Cotton, a lawyer who originated the letter and posted it on his Web site, spent two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan before running for Congress. Meanwhile, Polis busied himself with flowers and greeting cards.* Whom would you suppose has the better, more experience-bound insight into the politics and conflicts in the Mid-East? To whom would you entrust your children’s future?)

So. “Treasonous?” “Traitors?” Really?!?

Why? Because they informed a foreign government that their collective Senatorial voice, which represents the voice of the American people, is relevant to this discussion?

Or are Dean and Polis, the Democrats and the Daily News asserting that anyone who challenges the will of our own “Supreme Leader,” Barack Hussein Obama, is by definition a racist traitor?

Even Hillary felt compelled to weigh in, suggesting the GOP Senators were either trying to help Iran, or trying to hurt Obama. It must have slipped her (apparently aging) ex-Senator’s mind that Senators are supposed to be concerned about the survival of our nation.

Meanwhile, Smiling Uncle Joe Biden quit smiling long enough to excoriate his Republican members thusly: “This letter… [undermines] the ability of future Presidents… to negotiate with foreign countries on behalf of the United States.” What the Vice President forgets, apparently, is that the American people just elected GOP majorities to both houses of Congress, thus lending their imprimatur to the Republican’s shared view that negotiating away our ability to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, as Obama seems so determined to do, risks the future of the nation. Why on earth would Republicans silently acquiesce to what they regard as fundamentally dangerous, and potentially disastrous, “negotiations?”

I seem to recall a phrase in the Constitution dealing with how treaties with foreign nations are supposed to be handled. Something about the “advice and consent of the Senate…”

Perhaps ex-Senator Dean just needs a little remedial vocabulary training – maybe he should look up “advice” and “consent.” Perhaps Mrs. Clinton was just distracted by the need to cover her wide e-mail backside. Perhaps it’s time for Dear Uncle Joe to smile his way into a happy retirement.

And perhaps New York City could do itself a favor and learn to live without the Daily News. (Although I do seem to recall, from my time there, that that particular rag was what New Yawkuhs relied on for wrapping fish, mopping up subway spills, and handling contingencies when the public restrooms ran out of toilet paper.)

Maybe objecting Democrats should take a lesson from those Republican Senatorial stalwarts, and learn to put Country ahead of both themselves and their Party.

Now, I put the word “deal” in quotes above because, generally, a “deal” implies that both parties get something out of it; whereas in this case, it seems only Iran will be getting something. Getting, in fact, everything they want, which is a permanent end to Congressionally-imposed economic sanctions, a quick, UN-approved path to nuclear weaponry, and very shortly thereafter, a globe sans Israel, and a map with nothing “United” about North America.

All we get out of this “deal” is: A clear path to that aforementioned Oblivion.

Iran’s theocracy wants us gone. They want Israel gone, too, but that’s almost an afterthought. They want our government gone, our civilization gone, and our citizenry, all that refuse to call the Ayatollah “Supreme Leader,” gone.

I don’t know about you, but supporting that outcome seems pretty damn treasonous to me.

But that is precisely what Obama and his Democrat minions seem Hell-bent on accomplishing.

It is utterly beyond me why they, and the Liberal Press, can’t see that.

Thirty-some years ago, the Iranian Revolution resulted in a theocratic government in Tehran. Ever since then, the Iranian leadership has never wavered in its desire: To spread its political influence and its own version of Islam globally; to overcome the Great Satan, America; to end the United States’ influence in the Mid-East and around the globe. That’s what they wanted in 1979, when they took over the American Embassy. That is what they want today, when they sit at the “negotiating” table with John Kerry and smilingly repeat that they have “no ambitions to make nuclear weapons.”


And now we hear Kerry admit that he’s not even negotiating what would be a “legally binding agreement” with Iran. Well, then – What the Hell is he “negotiating”?

Benjamin Netanyahu, ever the most patriotic of democrats (small “d”) in the Mid-East, knows the truth. He spoke it to us last week. This week, 47 Republican Senators informed Iran’s leadership that they were listening; that they understand the truth; and that they have no intention of standing by and allowing Iran an unchecked path to nuclear statehood.

You’d think that the Daily News, Hillary, ex-Governor Dean, and the rest of the Democrat party could at least grasp that this debate is not about their crowned King, Barack Obama.

It’s about the future of our nation, our people, our civilization, our globe.

You decide: Who are the courageous, whom the traitors to your future, and that of your nation and your world?

* Polis is an ardent opponent of oil-and-gas fracking in Colorado. My personal reaction to his slur on Sen. Cotton’s allegiance and honor: Frack you, Mr. Polis.


Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics. If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

 Mr. Erwin reminds you: If you don’t watch FOX, you don’t know sh*t.)

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Citizen Reporter
6 years ago

Give ’em hell., Phil! They deserve it.

Re: ” They point out that any “executive agreement” that is not approved by Congress is not binding on the U.S. beyond the current Administration.”

Ummm, NO. Obama can’t invent a treaty- and it IS a treaty- on his own. ONLY with Senate’s conformation. So it would never be binding, but would be a dead letter from the get-go.