Tropical Paradise is out of business

By Debra Tash

Come December of this year, Tropical Paradise will be out of business.  After having their permit renewal denied at the Planning Commission hearing on June 19th the property owner, Bryan Mimaki, appealed their decision to the Board of Supervisors.

Though the Planning Department findings were favorable to renewing the permit, because of the Commission’s decision staff had to recommend to the Board that they deny the renewal.

In an effort to accommodate the neighbors the applicant reduced the number of events to 30 a year and only on weekends before today’s hearing.

Michelle D’Anna, the planner who worked on the permit, pointed out that there are two illegal, un-permitted venues operating in the Santa Rosa Valley.  Hidden Acres Ranch has already been sent a Notice of Violation and another venue reported on Brittany Park Road in the Camelot subdivision.  A neighbor speaking against Tropical Paradise pointed out that there was a third venue, Vista de Dios which even has a website, yet it is operating without a permit:

Karen Steinberg, Neighbor in opposition of Tropical Paradise

Karen Steinberg, Neighbor in opposition of Tropical Paradise

Staff spent 60 plus hours meeting with the opposition to Tropical Paradise’s permit renewal.  Yet even after hiring a sound engineer, having a high end noise monitoring system installed that records sound every second of an event, the neighbors came out in force. Of over the 40 people speaking 30 were opposed to the venue, only ten in favor.

Karen Steinberg narrated the opposition’s PowerPoint presentation.  Within a 1 ½ miles radius there are three legal venues in the Santa Rosa Valley, Gerry Ranch, Maravilla Gardens and Tropical Paradise. What seemed to have been the most damaging to the venue was an overlay to the site map showing that property bordering Tropical Paradise to the south and west. It will be developed into 18 luxury estates.  Construction is scheduled to start by the end of this year.


Aerial Site Plan

Aerial Site Plan–40 acre parcel will be developed

A new professional organization spoke in support of Tropical Paradise, the Ventura County Venue Association.  Jennifer Loller, its president, and Barbara Goodrich, Vice President, are both venue operators.

Supervisor Steve Bennett didn’t want to see a use that is made at the expense of the other property owners. Supervisor Linda Parks said, “We wouldn’t have people here complaining if it wasn’t a problem.”

Supervisor Peter Foy, who was the sole dissenting vote, wanted to allow Tropical Paradise one year to operate under the new conditions they proposed.  In a year they could return to the Board and report if they adhered to their conditions.  Of the numerous calls and complaints on the venue, Tropical Paradise was never sited for any violations. Foy saw that they had a large investment in the permit and the property.

With a 4 to 1 vote upholding the Planning Commission’s decision Tropical Paradise has come to the end of the road.

Prior Citizens Journal article on Tropical Paradise:

Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis


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Steve Andrews

I couldn’t agree with Bruce more! A large property, that far come anyone, plenty of onsite parking, it is completely shielded from neighbors view, what could be the problem? The luxury homes that may be built? Seems like someone has their hand in someone else’s pocket!?!
Not surprised that Linda Parks voted against it, she is very anti business. And the fact that there are “Illegal venues in the area has what bearing on this?
Time has come for government to stop denying a property owner the right to do what ever he/she wants on their property. So called planning departments should be deemed illegal and planners should be sentenced to prison for denying property
rights. What next? Because neighbors complain, people are limited how many children they can have? Our rights have been eroded and stolen, it’s time to take them back and get government off our backs!

Bruce Boyer

Letter to the Editor:
Regarding the County forcing the closing of the Tropical Paradise business:
I would like to address the matter of the County taking away the Right of a business owner to operate their business. We have Rights, that includes our Right to contract and to pursue our version of happiness, this is the essence of liberty. The business of Tropical Paradise is that of hosting events. That people gather at this location is that Right called Freedom of Assembly. We have the Right to freely assemble. If Tropical Paradise wishes to have people attend a function at their location, why is that anyone else’s affair?
Here we have a County, Ventura, where three (or four) politicians ( thank you Supervisor Foy for voting for liberty!) have given themselves the power to violate that Right to assemble, to make a business of it. These politicians act as tyrants to strip us of our Rights. This is after they gave County bureaucrats the power to ‘decide’ that the business owner had no actual Rights to operate unless he appeals to the Supervisors! The Kings and Queens! Bow down to them!
Now what possible evil could this business have done to get the County involved? They held… weddings! Anniversary celebrations, and more! Imagine the horror of it all! Bands playing music! People dancing! Singing too! People showing up dressed in their best! The problem is that they have neighbors who suffer from acute N.L.S. (No Life Syndrome) who will ask the County to silence people who “offend them”, oh my! The politicians violate our Rights and impose tyranny to appease the crybabies.
I welcome those who will whine about “how would you like this in your neighborhood…” well you cry-babies, I would. But then I am not one to tell others to run their lives based on what ‘offends me’ (perhaps I do not have a high enough opinion of myself) I like music,dancing, and weddings, nor do I have a stick up my……
We have people in this country who will readily abuse others to satisfy their own whims and politicians who will appease them and abuse us. Is this the Country I swore an oath to put my life on the line as a soldier to protect and defend? So crybabies won’t be ‘offended’? No. I suited up for liberty. Time to tell the crybabies to grow up and shut up and for us to suit up and restore our liberty. Now people, before it is ALL gone.
Bruce Boyer
Ventura County