Trump Anaheim Rally- 5-25-16

Jubilant crowds, more upbeat message

By George Miller

To the “MainStream Media,” the Wednesday Donald Trump rally in Anaheim, CA was all about a few hundred protesters. But to the many thousands of attendees, it was all about “Making America Great Again.” Just what that is is something that presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has told Americans at hundreds of events  in the eleven months since he announced his candidacy and filed papers with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This week, he exceeded the magic number of won/pledged delegates of 1237+ to clinch the nomination as Republican candidate for President. To say that supporters are jubilant would be an understatement.


Event video, courtesy of Right Side News:

Trump and Democrat primary contenders Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been barnstorming California in an attempt to get as many delegates as possible out of the June 7 state primary election, which many have already voted in via absentee ballot.  But those are more the dedicated voters. The candidates are now looking for last minute “swing” voters and helping to ensure that registered supporters get to the polls. May 23 was the last day to register. Voters must be registered for the party whose candidate they wish to vote for, although there are some third party exceptions.


Trump 5-25-16 event venue, The Anaheim Convention Center. Photo: Butch Walsh, Simi Valley.

Although Mr. Trump made a few changes to his stump speech, the bulk of it is repeated in city and after city, event after event- and he has done more than any other candidate. So it is getting old, especially in the Internet/Youtube era, when most have already heard most of it long before the Donald comes to town on his 767.  The biggest changes were fewer attacks on Republicans and more on Hillary/Bernie/Democrats.

One interesting wrinkle is that Hillary has refused to debate Bernie or Donald in California before the CA vote, but Trump and Sanders are entertaining the notion of going one-on-one. Hmmm: Uber-Socialist debates Uber-Free Enterpreneur.


Supporter’s sign echos a Trump signature issue, at Trump 5-25-16 event venue, The Anaheim Convention Center. Photo: Butch Walsh, Simi Valley.


Stolen Lives Showcased

One of the recurring acts at Trump rallies nationwide is the “Stolen Lives” group, presenting numerous personal cases of losses of loved ones who were killed by illegal immigrant criminals -see video link:

This has become a national scandal due to deliberately lax enforcement of federal laws concerning illegal immigrants, disposition of criminal illegal immigrants and illegal so-called  “sanctuary cities” rules common in CA. Te Stone Lives Group is based in SoCal and participates in numerous events to spread the word of the destruction caused by failure to enforce immigration laws. A firmer line of illegal immigration enforcement has proved to be Trump’s most resonant campaign issue, along with trade, foreign policy and the economy/jobs.


“Minorities” Featured

Multiple Trump-supporting minority groups were featured, both on and off stage, including Latinos for Trump, Asian-Americans for Trump and businesswomen for Trump. We daresay that there more Latinos in the arena than Latino protesters outside, something we saw that infuriated Latino protesters at the Costa Mesa event. Although the audience appeared to be predominately white, there were plenty of people of all hues and certainly no shortage of women. Black people, although present, are most consistently underrepresented at these events, being overwhelmingly Democrats and Hillary supporters. While opposition has repeatedly accused Trump of being anti-black, there is no evidence of that.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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