Trump and the Downfall of America—We’re sick of it!




By Michael Greer

The Left and the mainstream media (or the drive by media, if you like) are so perplexed by the popularity of Donald Trump.

They’re all scratching their heads that he can’t be taken down by their usual Saul Alinsky tactics. They thought they could take him out right way when, during the announcement of his candidacy, he said Mexico wasn’t sending us their best, even though some of them were good people. They gnashed their teeth in outrage at his offending “an entire race of people”, while ignoring his qualifier and the statistics that verify his statements. Every commentator, every opinion show, every newspaper, every one who had a microphone, were apoplectic over Trump insulting the hard working people who “just come here for a better life”. They completely ignore the M13 gangs, the sex slave runners, drug dealers, rapists, criminals and cartels (not to mention the terrorists) that come with them. They predicted he was done. But, shockingly, his poll numbers went up.

Then they thought they could take him out with the first question at the first Republican debate. They asked if all the candidates would commit to supporting the Republican candidate and not turn third party if they were not the candidate. Trump was the only one who declined. Ah, they thought, GOTTCHA!  Well, not so fast. Although his disapproval numbers went up, his approval numbers went up even higher. Heads exploded across Liberaland.

GAME OVER! Rules no longer apply because we’re SICK OF IT!

We’ve been watching our country and our culture change and it’s not been for the better. We’ve watched entire towns taken over by Latinos or Muslims who then demand we accommodate their culture instead of assimilating to ours and we’re SICK OF IT!

We got out and campaigned for candidates who promised to stop Obama’s Executive Order Amnesty and repeal Obamacare. Nearly every candidate ran on doing EXACTLY that, including Mitch McConnell. He said Obamacare was passed by reconciliation and could be repealed the same way. Once in office we’re told they won’t even try because the President will veto it. We GAVE the Republican party the majority in BOTH houses and they have given this President EVERYTHING he wanted and we’re SICK OF IT!


McConnell and Boehner, the Republican Congressional Leadership

When we object to the constant flood of illegal aliens and H1B visa workers replacing employed Americans, Liberal lawmakers and our media call us racists and bigots. Businessmen, like Bill Gates, who became breathtakingly wealthy in this country, continue to push for more H1B visa workers who will work for less than the Americans they already employ. The employees who helped them build their businesses, employees who have worked hard and been loyal are stabbed in the back. Companies like Disney, “the happiest place on earth”, made their IT employees train their foreign replacements. Their employees with exemplary records but little prospect of finding another job are betrayed by the “happiest place on earth” and we’re SICK OF IT!

We, in California, as we begged, cajoled, pleaded, demanded and screamed to have the border secured, watched our state turn Latin with a permanent Democrat majority. We watched helplessly as Sacramento passed law after law that benefits only illegal aliens. We watched sanctuary cities exempt illegal aliens from laws we are held to. We watched a father hold his dying daughter in his arms after she was shot by an illegal alien, who had been deported FIVE times and we’re SICK OF IT!

We’ve been demanding a border fence for decades. The citizens of this country, both Republican and Democrat, want the border secured. It isn’t that our representatives don’t know this. We’ve melted the phone lines more than a few times to make sure they did. We want our border SECURED and we want it NOW! I think people are so desperate for the flood of illegal immigration to stop they would vote for Satan himself, if he would actually do it because we’re SICK OF IT!

We don’t believe man is causing Climate Change and we don’t want our standard of living lowered.  We don’t want to live without air conditioning.  We don’t want to be forced out of our cars. We don’t want our access to energy rationed.  We don’t want our private property rights eroded by the EPA and we don’t want our economy exported to other countries because our taxes and regulations make it impossible to be competitive. We don’t want our guns taken away. We don’t want our religious liberty denied. And we don’t want to be censored or silenced. We don’t want to be told where we can live, what we can eat, how or when we can travel. We are abundantly aware that neither party cares what we think and we’re SICK OF IT!

We have a President who lies to our faces everyday. He’s committing us to trade and arms agreements that put our country at risk. He has gutted our military and imposed rules of engagement that put our soldiers at risk. He pulled all our troops from Iraq and destabilized the entire Middle East. Under his rule we have come completely untethered from the Constitution. Our First and Second Amendments are under constant attack. Every foundation of this country is being undermined and we’re SICK OF IT!

But because we’re SO SICK OF IT, I fear too many are willing to ignore Trump’s obvious flaws the way Obama supporters ignored his. They are so enraptured because FINALLY someone has come out and spoken the truth about our open borders and how it is destroying our country. Many are willing to support him no matter what he says, no matter who he insults, no matter how juvenile he becomes. They want something done, they want it NOW and they believe he’ll do it.

I tend to agree with Ann Coulter that all immigration needs to be stopped for some years so that we can get our OWN house in order. Like Ann, I believe that ending illegal immigration is THE most important issue because if we don’t, this country will no longer be America and nothing else will matter. But, unlike Ann, once the border is secured and illegal immigration stopped there is so much work to do to unwind the damage that has been done, that I want a President more committed to the Constitution than Trump is. His opinion on eminent domain, taxes, Planned Parenthood and many other issues should be a problem for any Conservative.

He keeps telling us he’ll make America great again, but he never tells us how. He says how fast it will all happen. Is he aware that we have three EQUAL branches of government and he has to operate within that framework? I have yet to hear him talk about the Constitution or the rule of law. He DOES tell us that he learned how to USE the “system” to his advantage. But isn’t that what most of us complain about? Crony Capitalism? He was asked in an interview to define Conservatism and he couldn’t. I don’t know how anyone calls themselves a Conservative if they can’t tell you what a Conservative is.

I think Trump’s popularity is more indicative of just how SICK OF IT we are, than indicative of who we actually would vote for. People are SO happy to have a candidate actually saying forcefully, bluntly, un-apologetically just how dangerous our open borders are and that they WILL secure the border. Yes, we’ve been talking about securing the border for the last 25 years but as soon as the Left calls us racists we back away. But, now that we’ve recognized the Elephant (pun intended) in the room, all the real contenders have committed to securing the border with no qualifiers. That, in it’s self, is worth having Trump be the front runner……for now.

What is stunning is that the leadership of both parties just doesn’t get it. They’re still trying to Alinsky us. They seem to be incapable of recognizing the people, you know, WE the People, whose government is supposed to be “Of the People, By the People and For the People”, and WE the People are just SICK OF IT!



Michael Greer

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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