Trump Cabinet Picks Likely To Be Confirmed


Tuesday kicked off the first of many Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s potential future cabinet, nurse starting with controversial Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. The president-elect’s pick for attorney general went before a committee amid protests and concerns about his policy stances. The tumultuous hearing was the first of many in the coming days to determine what…

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William Hicks
William Hicks
4 years ago

There was a time when citizens sat in the audience with orders to not even talk at hearings of this kind. Now any fool can make a spectacle of themselves by interupting these hallowed halls with their squeals of contempt for not getting their way.

It sure shows them up for what they are…..tempestuous brats that have an over inflated view of themselves. What’s fun about all this is that Trumps selections are likely in a veto proof confirmation.