Trump Card, or Bullying the Pulpit




By Phil Erwin

When is Donald Trump going away?

That’s what all the “real” Republicans are asking themselves.

And: “Why is anybody taking him seriously?”

So goes the lament you know is buried in the depths of their pseudo-Conservative souls.

Trump is an odd fellow: A blowhard who knows he’s a blowhard, and doesn’t mind that you know it, too. A self-made billionaire who is proud of his accomplishments and his wealth, and is perfectly willing to Trump-et (pardon) those things, but can still manage to seem like an OK dude. A political neophyte who not only doesn’t care that you know that, he considers it a badge of honor. “They only care about fighting to keep their jobs,” he says of American politicians. “I care about making our country great again.”

Gee. And they wonder why Trump just won’t go away. Why he hasn’t flamed out yet. Why he can get away with saying politically damning things, such as “Mexico is sending us their worst people, they’re sending rapists…” and he still hasn’t disappeared like an unmannerly ghost.

Why, far from fading quickly in the polls after his non-event announcement, he seems instead to be gaining momentum.

The political elites and the Press all wonder: Just what the Hell is going on here?

Some pundits suggest that Trump is channeling the anger of the American people. That is true, though it equally applies to Ted Cruz. Cruz has never faltered in his opposition to Obamacare, his desire to control illegal immigration, his opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion, his concerns about the Administration’s disastrous “negotiations” with Iran. Cruz has been Trump-ing far longer than Trump himself.

And yet, the mantle of Anger Champion seems to have swung dramatically to Trump. Why?

Trump himself explains this in part: “I don’t need their money; I’m using my own money.” Trump doesn’t need lobbyist money. He doesn’t need party money. He doesn’t need Big Donor money, or Bundler money, or Corporate money. He doesn’t even need money from the “Little Guy,” you and me, who will be spending the next 16 months furiously deleting a daily barrage of donation pleas from our Inboxes.

Trump doesn’t need our money. But he does need our anger.

With whom are we angry – With politicians and Planned Parenthood?

Well… Yes!

With Iran? ISIS? China? Mexico?

Well… Sure!

Obama? Kerry? Valerie Jarrett, and the Administration she runs from behind the curtain?

Yes! Dammit, YES!!!

Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Shumer?   Well… Yes, but also, with John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and every single Republican that steps into line behind them to support whatever policies Obama will tolerate while avoiding whatever Obama will fight.

And therein lies the real explanation for Donald Trump’s rising popularity: His willingness, and apparent ability, to take on the fight.

American Conservatives have watched their country change from a center-Right Republic of hard-working, God-fearing, unprepossessing Good Citizens to a way-Left-of-center semi-dictatorship run by menacing minorities: Looney Lefties, militant race-baiters, drugged-out dropouts, the no-laws no-borders crowd, and a cadre of politicians who can see what damage these groups are doing to the country, but are willing to acquiesce so they can keep their “jobs,” wherein they are catered to and pandered to like celebrities and never expected to do anything but talk.

Nice work if you can get it.

And all they have to do to keep it is: Keep you befuddled and bamboozled.

That’s what we call “elections.”

And along comes Trump, who says what he wants to say, and won’t apologize if you don’t like it. And there are two groups who really, really don’t like it: Career politicians, and the Press.

The nation’s Left-dominated Media haven’t yet figured out how to quell Trump’s verve; how to quench his fire. Not that they haven’t tried. They call him a “clown” and a “sideshow,” and predict that he’ll flame out in another day or two. And when he speaks inartfully about immigration, they jump all over his “racist” remarks, demand an apology, and turn to their readers/viewers with a smug “I told you so!

And yet Trump’s poll numbers go up. Not down.

Wait! That’s the wrong way! Didn’t we tell you he’s a clown?

Somehow, the American people don’t seem to be listening. No matter how hard the Media try to denigrate and belittle and discourage Trump, he just won’t go away.

For once, their bullying isn’t working.

They’ve been bullying politicians successfully for decades, and under Obama have raised bullying to an art-form. And through the acquiescence of no-spine politicians, the Left and their wholly-owned Media have bullied the American public into giving up America to become Europe-Lite. And that is why we have Socialized, failing medicine, and gay marriage, and publicly-funded abortion, and pampered illegal immigrants next to homeless Vets, and a world of emboldened enemies and chastened allies, and a brand new century of barbarism – complete with domestic terrorism.

Thank you, Liberal-Progressives.

Americans are sick of it. They didn’t ask for it, they never voted for it, and they have repeatedly charged presumably sensible politicians to put a stop to it. All for naught.

Trump may be their only trump card left.

And that is why Trump hasn’t gone away.


Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics. If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

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Trump will continue for awhile because he has his own $s. He doesn’t have to fear losing financial supporters. But in the end it will be Bush vs. Clinton. Trump may attempt a 3rd party run. Clinton will ultimately win.