Trump Card

By Phil Erwin

What a strange political season this has been. For once, the party with the sole “probable” candidate has been the Democrats, who often have several contenders well into Primary season. Meanwhile, the Republicans, normally able to focus on just one or two likely candidates, had a veritable flood of contenders, almost all of whom were infinitely more experienced, successful and believable than the Democrat’s presumptive choice.

As Donald Trump pointed out somewhat artlessly: Despite the Left’s constantly trumpeting Hillary’s “experience” and “qualifications,” her one and only incontrovertible claim to front-runner status rests entirely on her gender – She’d be the first woman President.

What better way to follow the nation’s other First-timer?   And, really now: Why not replace one failed novice with another?

The conventional Republican wisdom held scant months ago that, with a field of seventeen candidates – almost all of whom were both experienced and successful as public servants – the outcome of this Presidential campaign was a Republican lock. It almost wouldn’t matter whom the Republicans fielded – there was no way a flawed, baggage-laden, unnatural political animal like Hillary would not be trounced.

Enter The Donald.donald-trump4

Several debates, several dozen huge-crowd events, and seemingly endless insults and embarrassing sound bites later, Trump has emerged as – Gasp! – the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party.

The one and only candidate that party loyalists can’t stomach without serious gastric distress, and he’s the guy they’re fielding against the utterly-beatable Hillary?

Oh, but wait just a minute… On the Democrat side, the huge crowds are beating their drums and coughing up their dollars for – Who?? Bernie Sanders? You mean… that self-avowed Socialist who’s been sneaking into the Senate for years, spreading silly anti-Capitalist pablum around like it’s actual meat-and-potatoes food for thought?

Naaahhh. Can’t be. This is ‘the Land of the Free. Home of the Sensible, as well as the Brave!’ No Socialists here…

We’ve got twelve million or more recent “immigrants” (trespassers) here from a couple dozen Socialist-like countries, many of whom don’t speak English much, and most of whom know absolutely nothing about our political-economic system. And they’re joining crowds of Millennials, fresh from our high schools and colleges, where the Leftist teachers profess and professors teach that Capitalism is a scourge upon Humankind, and the only good Capitalist is one whose money, possessions and livelihood is taken away by the Government and given to “The People.”

You know… Like they did in the Old Country. Revolution. Power to the People. Viva La Raza, and like that.

“Progressives” (Democrats in name, Socialists in fact) have been working for decades to accomplish what we see happening this political season. America’s institutions, history, values and civilization are being deliberately swept away by non-American ideals, such as:

  • Government-reliance, rather than self-reliance
  • Bureaucratic control of business, rather than ownership-control
  • Government control of all healthcare, by becoming the nation’s sole “insurer” (payer)
  • Hyper-taxation to support the “poor”, rather than low taxation to encourage business
  • No national borders, thus ensuring an endless supply of non-American “citizens” (voters) – who will, of course, need Government assistance. For everything.
  • Endless laws/rules to control individual behavior, rather than lives lived in Liberty

And the biggest rule-change of all: History, Reality, Truth – all are suddenly mutable, subject to change. The Ruling Class (together with their Media and University propagandists) gets to make them up as they go.

If that sounds to you more like a Banana Republic than an American one – by George, I do believe you’re right!

With the election of a Hillary/Sanders (doesn’t matter which) the momentous un-American-izing of America begun under Barack Obama’s reign (he’s more King than President) will be accelerated, inculcated, cemented and rendered irrevocable. America’s youth will no longer have even a clue what being an American was really like. And the American Dream, that grand experiment in Freedom, Self-governance and Individuality, will be dead.

Long live Progressive-ism!

(Well… Maybe not. Most Socialist countries around the globe are floundering. The hyper-Socialist Soviet Union lasted a few decades, but their people lived in misery and deprivation virtually the entire time. You think American kids are gonna put up with that? No way! They’ll be hunting another revolution before the ink is dry on whatever fake money the Progressive Central Bank prints up.)

One thing’s for certain: Isn’t anything certain in politics this time around. The Left is furiously insisting that Hillary’s in no legal jeopardy whatsoever, despite the fact that her violations of national secrecy laws are blatantly self-evident.   And they are equally insistent that Trump and all his supporters are clearly “racist, homophobic xenophobes” (I heard that repeated three times today!   Gee… You think there’s any chance that phrase was not supplied by the Democrats’ Central Propaganda Committee?)  

Meantime, many Republicans can’t even decide whether they’re still Republicans.

It feels like we’ve found that fabled rabbit-hole and have plunged head-first right down it. All we need now is a deck of ambulatory cards.

I don’t know if we’re going to like the Queen.

But the Trump card is already in play.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics. If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.


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Robert Duncan

My wife Mary and I raised children in the Conejo Valley. Although both raised in the San Fernando Valley, we first met in Thousand Oaks on kind of a blind date in 1975 before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were in the national political picture. Phil Erwin did an excellent job of describing where our country now stands. I witnessed the dumbing down of of our public educated kids early on. Somehow the Conejo school district managed to do a fine job with our children. I am also a decorated combat-wounded ‘Nam Vet who came home to the some of the very same egg-throwing war protesters who are now running this country into the ground.

Although now living in Tehachapi, CA, I still have many friends in T.O., Westlake Vlg., Newbury Park and Camarillo and hold on to our happier days there…by reading the Citizens Journal now and then. I remember when the News Chronicle was bought out and/or replaced by the Ventura Co. Star which published many of my Op-Ed’s in support of 2nd Amendment rights, which did little if nothing to change the idiotic bills now being considered and passed in Sacramento.

My hat’s off to Phil Erwin for encapsulating this historical election and these signs of the times.
Best regards,

Robert Duncan

William "Bill" Hicks

Lets diagnose what a “progressive” really is. And you have to admit that democrats have more of them than republicans do.

Progressives have little respect for the rule of law unless it fits their goal(s). They prefer the rule of man; more like the european model. So, The Constitution is either manipulated to fit their agenda or ignored entirely. That, my friends, is what really is meant by The Constitution being a living document subject to change as the people “evolve.”

Regardless of what you may believe about republicans, it’s a sure fact that current democrat politicians fit this mold. But do democrat party citizens believe this? My guess is that they do until the policies created by their chosen politicians touch them in a negative way. In the past, democrat citizens have been convinced that their bad fortune has been directly attached to republican policies. I don’t think that false face will work this time.

Things are less complex with the plain, sometimes repulsive, talk that Trump uses. As what has happened through this primary season may surely continue through the general election; Trump will continue to be underestimated by mainstream politicians. This will be Clintons achilles heal.