Trump Celebration Events and TV Watch Parties June 18

Celebrate America! Re-Elect Donald Trump for FOUR MORE YEARS!

by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  6/11/19 

This is an action item for supporters of President Trump. The time to kick his re-election into high gear has started. Notice that you have received NO communication from the Official California Republican Party and most county Parties that the President is going to officially announce his re-election effort on June 18, 2019 at a rally in Orlando, Florida.

In a San Diego Union-Tribune article, the CRP Chair announced there would be NO TRUMP CAMPAIGN IN CALIFORNIA.  Were that true, there would be little reason for Trump supporters in California to vote—and that would destroy what is left of the Republican Party in California. No Trump voters, we lose even more Assembly members, State Senators and member of Congress.

Pat Buchanan during a run for President was asked by the media that sine he did not have any campaign money, how would he get the message out about his views on the issues.  Buchanan was clear—and his statement about his race stands for today as well:

“I do not have to tell my supporters what to do—THEY KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.”

  1.  CELEBRATION EVENTS: At noon or time of your choice on June 18th—at City Hall, at the offices of your member of Congress—especially if a Democrat.  At the street corner with the most traffic.  Bring homemade signs—be proud to wear your MAGA hats, shirts and Trump regalia.  Show the Democrats and Republican leaders California has lots of Trump supporters and we want to turn out the vote!
  2. TV WATCH PARTIES:  The President will make his announcement in Orlando, Florida at 8:00pm, Florida time.  That is 5:00pm our time.  Invite friends and activists to join you in watching this opening of the Trump re-election.  We need as many watch parties and rallies as possible.
  3. SHOWING THE COLORS  We need to show the media, the GOP Party leaders and the Trump campaign Team that Californians want to help re-elect Donald Trump.  Sorry to see, one week before the announcement leadership is not even mentioning the event, much less showing support.
  4. REPORTING:  Important that we know how many events and TV Watch parties are held in California.  Please send me the name of the organizer, city and county of the event—rally and/or watch party.  At the end of the week I might announce them all!!  Also, after the event, please let me know about the success—send photos!!  If we want California to be a Trump activist State, this is how it starts.

5.  FACEBOOK:  During and after the rally and TV Watch Parties please put notices on Facebook—all positive statements.  Use the #MAGA  or #MAGACA


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John W White
John W White
1 year ago

Where is a “watch Party” in Ventura, Oxnard, Pt Hueneme?