Trump, Clinton, solidify commanding leads

By George Miller

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be going into their respective national conventions with convincing leads. However, both may be challenged. Events and political maneuvers may present difficulties for both.

Each won California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico and the Dakotas- Trump by huge margins. Trump won 166 of 172 California delegates. Clinton’s lead was bigger than recent polls predicted. Sanders won only North Dakota. He is mathematically out of the running now. Realistically, his only chance of winning is a catastrophic Clinton legal or health problem. but, he is in a position to influence the party platform and rules and has already mightily affected the debate, pushing it hard to the left, which would make Clinton’s job more difficult in the general election. 

In Ventura County, Clinton beat Sanders 53-45%. Trump took 71% of the Republican vote, with Kasich at 12, Cruz under 9% and Carson at 3%.

Libertarian Gary Johnson took nearly 60% of the Libertarian vote to become their nominee, but his twelve thousand vote total doesn’t indicate much chance of California success in November. Same with Alan Spears’ winning 5850 votes as the American Independent Party presidential nominee, or Jill Stein’s 7444 (75% of the total) to clinch the Green Party nomination, or Gloria Estela La Riva’s 1761 votes to wrap up the Peace and Freedom Party nomination.

Official California results:


Results via AP/Google



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4 years ago

Trump, against all odds, has enough delegates to be the GOP nominee; however the odds against him will be even more powerful as we head to the general election. The Hilary Clinton forces, including the CFR, the Bilderbergs, the unions, the neocons, the banksters, etc…will cheat, lie, and steal to remain in power against “we the people”. Anti-establishment Trump is our only political hope – with God mountains can be moved, so pray we plow over the new world order elite for a sweet victory in November…otherwise say goodbye to America and hello to the North American Union headed into the one world order.