Trump Crackdown on Illegal Aliens Forces California Farmers to Turn to Technology


Ever since the Trump administration restarted the enforcement of U.S. immigration law — enforced sparingly under the Obama administration — California farmers have been complaining about a labor shortage.

A state mandated $15 minimum wage and overtime pay for farmworkers isn’t helping California famers, who are already overburdened by so many new regulations every year.

Farmers whose business model makes them largely dependent on laborers who illegally enter the United States for work are upset over the change.

“If we can’t change the way we’re doing business, we’re at risk,” said Brad Goehring, a fourth-generation wine grape grower in Lodi said in an interview with Sacramento’s local CBS affiliate, CBS 13.

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William Hicks
William Hicks
3 years ago

Nothing was wrong with the old “Brucerro” program. If you wanted to return to that program you’d have to eliminate the farm workers union to do so. You know, the union that Chavez created?

There was a time when “seasonal workers” came here from Mexico to harvest crops. When they were finished, they went back to Mexico with more money than they’d have made working in Mexico. Everyone was a winner, including the consumer and taxpayer.

Now, we have a permanent underclass that only benefits politicians that need a permanent underclass in order to get elected.