Trump Credited with Funding California’s First New Water Storage in 40 Years

By Joel B. Pollak

President Donald Trump is being credited for the passage of a new provision through the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday that will provide funding to help California to build its first water storage infrastructure in 40 years.

McClatchy reported on Thursday:

The House approved several provisions Thursday that help fund water storage projects. The Senate is expected to concur shortly, and Trump is expected to sign the legislation into law next week.

Republican Rep. Jeff Denham and Democrat Rep. Jim Costa have been pushing for additional water storage for the state for years in constantly-at-risk-of-drought California. Since 1979, California’s population has grown 70 percent.

Denham’s proposal allows local irrigation districts to apply for low-interest federal loans from the Environmental Protection Agency to build new reservoirs, below ground storage projects, recycling and desalination projects. Those are desperately needed in parts of California to capture rains and runoff from the mountains so water can be stored and used in drier seasons and in years of drought.


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One Response to Trump Credited with Funding California’s First New Water Storage in 40 Years

  1. William Hicks September 19, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    This is what California needs to adjust to the constant shift from draught to floods and mudslides.

    Now, the question remains……will this help reduce the draconian cost of water in California?


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