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    Goodbye Constitution Freedom America by Don Jans

    Trump Is Biden’s Tutor In Presidential Leadership

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    Biden is supposed to coordinate with Obamas to lead America correctly … but Biden seems to have become Trump’s puppet. He is following Trump word by word in almost every scenario. Trump stood in front of a burning building … pretended that there is no crisis … and then went about blowing his horn and looting trillions.

    Despite having multiple simultaneous crises in America … Biden seems to be following the same track. Biden has not fixed a single crisis and he is standing there praising himself as a “record breaking President”.

    Let’s show Biden some of the issues in America and the world … so that, it helps him open his eyes a little bit.

    (This page is important for Biden, Obamas and Elon Musk. Learn what is going on, Musky.)

    One. Repeated Mass Shootings

    The mass shooting in Texas is not the first of its kind. The frequency of mass shootings has actually increased since Trump. Mass shootings in public places is one of the curses of having uncontrolled and unlimited supply of weapons among the general public. Since Establishment elements are involved in the supply chain of guns and ammo, Trump didn’t have the balls to rectify this problem.

    The problem of repeated mass shootings continues to exist because our leaders don’t have the balls to stand up and fix this problem.

    Two. Biden – “Look at the jobs! The American Rescue Plan is working!”

    Mr. Biden … the American Rescue Plan was a scam … you know it, I know it and everybody knows it. There was absolutely no need to spend $3 Trillion to create jobs. There was a lot of unemployment during the start of your Presidency … mainly because the country was shut down due to Covid. All you had to do was … open the country and jobs would flourish … there was absolutely no need to spend $3 Trillion to create jobs.

    Trump himself was overspending on Covid relief. He had released about a trillion dollars in each relief package … he had already released 3 such packages and there were hundreds of billions left over from these packages. There was no need to release additional funds … but you hurriedly created this “rescue plan” in order to capitalize on the trillions being spent on Covid … so that, you get to spend the money before Covid comes to an end.

    This was not an American Rescue Plan … it was a Screw America Quickly Plan … to capitalize on the trillions being spent on Covid.

    The fact that you stand there taking credit for the jobs being created “because of your Rescue Plan” is disappointing. If you had noted … Trump created record breaking jobs during his Presidency … he did it without spending a single penny on the economy. If Trump could do it without spending a single penny … then why did you need $3 Trillion for the same task?

    Three. Inflation – Biden – “Republicans don’t want to solve inflation by lowering costs. They want to solve it by raising taxes and lowering your income.”

    Mr. Biden … you have created the highest inflation in the country by your repeated multi-trillion dollar spending plans. You can’t sit there creating the highest inflation and also blame Republicans for not solving the problem that you keep on increasing by your mass spending.

    Four. Deficits – Biden – “Under my predecessor, the deficit increased every single year he was president. Last year, the deficit was reduced by $350B. And this year, we’re on track to cut the federal deficit by $1.5T—the biggest decline in debt ever in American history.”

    Firstly, Mr. Biden … the name is Donald J Trump … its not your predecessor. When are you going to get the courage and strength to call him out by his name? Every Tom, Dick and Harry in town can do it … why can’t you do the same?

    America is not in $1 trillion in debt or $2 Trillion in debt … the total debt is more than $30 Trillion. Your “solution” should eliminate $30 Trillion … not just one or two trillion. One or two trillion are being piled up almost every year in debt. You need to be 30 times better in your solutions, Mr. Biden.

    Five. National Debt – Biden wants to spend $6 Trillion on the budget for 2023.

    On one side Biden is saying that he is going to reduce the deficit by $1.5 Trillion and on the other side, Biden is saying that he wants to spend $6 Trillion on the budget for 2023 … the highest amount ever asked for the budget in America’s history. The total revenue that America gets is $3 Trillion … Biden is asking for double the amount to be spent in one year … and then he is also saying that he will reduce the deficit by $1.5 Trillion in the same year.

    Mr. Biden should check his Maths once again.

    Six. Taxing Billionaires – Biden – “Right now, the average billionaire—there are about 790 of them or so in America—has an average federal tax rate of 8%. No billionaire should be paying a lower tax rate than a teacher, a firefighter, an electrician, or a police officer.”

    This is no solution … this is routine party politics. Democrats raise taxes on the wealthy and Republicans cancel those taxes. Its routine party bickery … where is the solution, Mr. Biden?

    Seven. Climate Change … Establishment scam channelized via the Democrat Party

    Climate Change is another multi-trillion dollar scam unleashed by the Establishment via the Democrat Party. They tried to use Trump … since Trump refused to go with this scam … the Establishment pushed it via the Democrat party.

    We have the highest cost of living, inflation, debt crisis, wars, pandemics, migration crisis and we are on the edge of a world war … but as per the instructions given to Mr. Biden by Democrat Party leaders … “climate change” is the existential threat that the world faces … thus we should spend trillions and trillions and trillions on Climate Change … and obviously, all of these trillions should go to Establishment entities. Trillions and trillions of taxpayer money should be channelized to Establishment entities in the name of climate change.

    This is the solution that our leaders should champion as per the Establishment … which is exactly what Biden is trying to do.

    Eight. Highest military spending than ever

    Biden is breaking even Trump’s records in mass spending in every direction possible … including military spending.

    Nine. Build Back Better – Another multi-trillion dollar spending program

    Fix some roads, remove lead pipes, provide internet access … all of these are basic handy man jobs … but trillions are being spent for repair works as if America is being completely rebuilt again in a grand manner. This is nothing but another route for Presidential profiteering.

    Ten. Pandemic – No Establishment malice addressed – Getting Monkey Pox now

    Ebola … Zika … Corona … Monkey Pox … all of them are Establishment malice. Trump failed in addressing any Establishment issue and so has Biden. Pandemics continue and millions of people die due to inaction from our leaders.

    Eleven. Non-stop wars

    During the Biden Presidency … first, Israel starts bombing Gaza … then Russia attacks Ukraine … now Turkey is going after Syria … China is looking at Taiwan … all of them happen to be “Trump pushed wars”. Israel, Putin, Erdogan and Xi … all of them are contact points that Trump closely worked with during his Presidency. He is using them to start wars to fail Biden … and Biden is simply too weak to understand this and he is too weak to stop Trump.

    We will very soon reach to about a hundred billion dollars being spent in Ukraine … this will turn into trillions of spending on wars if the war doesn’t come to an end soon.

    Twelve. World Migration Crisis

    Because Biden is not able to stop wars … we are having a world migration crisis where millions of people are being displaced from their homes.

    Thirteen. Paying 3 times for gas

    The world is having to pay 3 times for gas as Biden is too weak on Trump. Biden is not able to make Trump pay for his blunders and disasters … and thus the world is having to pay for Biden’s weakness and Trump’s disasters.

    Fourteen. Being anti-Russia and anti-Putin

    Biden is following party puppetry in being anti-Russia and anti-Putin … owing to which Putin is working with Trump even more closely. Putin is making a killing via gas revenues and getting additional territory by waging wars.

    Fifteen. Record breaking border crisis

    We have the highest influx of illegal immigrants in America … again thanks to Trump working with negative elements below the Southern border. It’s a Trump multiplied crisis that Biden is too weak to control.

    Sixteen. No wealth drain system addressed

    All Establishment elements and systems remain untouched … no wealth drain system is stopped … the people and the country continuously goes in massive debt every year.

    Seventeen. Highest inflation, cost of living and debt crisis

    As a result, we have the highest inflation, cost of living and debt crisis in America.

    Eighteen. Food shortages coming next

    Owing to Biden being weak and not fixing any crisis that the world faces … we already have the highest cost of living, inflation, debt crisis, pandemics, wars, migration crisis … and next thing we are going to face is food shortages. The world has already sanctioned Russia and we are not buying anything from Russia. Russia is blocking Ukraine’s ports which is blocking all exports from Ukraine.

    As a result, two major agricultural countries are not able to contribute to the world’s needs. Several international organizations are warning about food shortages next.

    Open your eyes, Mr. Biden
    More than a dozen simultaneous crises in the world and Biden is praising himself to be a record breaking President. The only record that he seems to be breaking is in the number of simultaneous crises that can be created in the world.

    Open your eyes, Mr. Biden … open your eyes.



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    20 days ago

    come on, man!

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