Trump Is Right About The FBI | CNN Contributor Rings In The 2018 New Year Weekend!



By Deborah Baber-Savalla

On December 27, 2017 CNN broadcast an interview with CNN legal analyst, Paul Callen. Towards the end of the interview at the 5:40 mark, the interviewer notes that viewers can read Paul Callen’s op-ed piece entitled Trump is right about the FBI at CNN’s website. However, according to the Conservative Treehouse the op-ed was not available on the 27th and was only posted last night, December 29th at 8:26 PM ET. The op-ed was noted as “Updated”. 

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called mainstream media member-organizations “fake news”, often citing CNN by name. It is possible CNN staff overlooked posting Callen’s op-ed on the 27th though CNN advertised it on-air. It is also possible that CNN was not anxious to vindicate President Trump and purposely omitted the op-ed post. Either way, the omission and subsequent posting raise interesting questions: What triggered the discovery of the “missing-but-advertised” CNN’s Paul Callen op-ed? And, what prompted CNN to post the op-ed two days later…at night…at the end of the year…just before the last major three-day holiday weekend celebrating the advent of 2018, President Trump’s second year in office!


To read Paul Callen’s full op-ed entitled Trump is right about the FBI , please click here.  The concluding paragraphs are below.

“While I rarely agree with much of what the President does or says regarding legal issues, this time he’s got it right. The FBI’s reputation has been severely damaged not by the President’s criticism but by a systematic failure of the bureau’s leadership.
The field agents of the FBI should still retain the trust of the American people. Their honor and dignity has not been compromised; but the bureau’s leadership ranks require a prompt and thorough house cleaning by the new director, Christopher Wray. The bureau’s leadership has forfeited the reputation of a cherished American institution.”

Deborah Baber Savalla is a former book publishing executive in New York City. She believes in moral clarity which leads naturally to personal responsibility which WILL RESULT in small government. 

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