Trump troops tramping victorious in Ventura today

About 200 show up in front of Pacific View Mall to celebrate the election and support Trump and his agenda

By George Miller

Why were hundreds of people rallying for President Donald Trump in front of the busy Pacific View Mall in the seaside City of Ventura at Main St. and Mills today? Isn’t the election over? Will the campaign ever end? I asked myself those questions while driving there to see what was going on. After arrival, I asked 10 people why they were there and how they found out about the event.

A festive crowd of nearly 200 pro-Trumpers at Spirit of America Rally – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: George Miller/

All 10 said basically same thing: that they were there to support the President and his agenda.  It was almost like “talking points.” Some elaborated about saving the country, saving the economy, getting control of our borders, checking Globalism, restoring law and order and helping the economy and jobs. We asked even more how they knew about the event. Most said that they found out about the rally through “The Internet” or friends. Questioning more closely, “Internet” turned out to be Trump-supporting Facebook and web pages,,, Conservative Treehouse and friends or organizations they affiliated with. Interestingly, not a single person cited a local or regional print newspaper or mainstream broadcast or Internet source.


How it happened

A group called Main Street Patriots had called for nationwide Trump rallies on Feb 27 and March 4. The new Make California Great Again group supported it, as well as Make Ventura County Great Again. There was an event last week in Simi Valley where about 80 people showed up. There were many others around the country.

This week, it was Ventura’s turn. Local organizations brought people out to the event. It wasn’t easy because many likely thought: “Why would hundreds of people be rallying for President Donald Trump in front of the busy Pacific View Mall in Ventura on a beautiful Saturday? Isn’t the election over? Will the campaign ever end?” But come they did.

The purpose of the event was to show support for President Donald Trump, some of his key agenda items and personnel appointments, with emphasis on the positive. It overwhelmingly was. There weren’t supposed to be any negative signs, but a few “Hillary for Prison” signs and shirts and one sign demeaning “Moonbeam” (our state Governor) showed up.

A new group “POV” (Point Of View- Port Hueneme-Oxnard-Ventura) brought out people locally, along with the Republican Women Federated in several cities (in marked contrast with the MainStream Media narrative, Trump is insanely popular with many women), the Thousand Oaks and Ventura County Tea Parties. People identifying themselves as Latinos for Trump, Bikers for Trump, Vets for Trump, were on site. From what we gathered, most were Ventura County people. There were out of towners from Santa Barbara, San Fernando Valley, LA and points more distant. Some just came on their own from reading about it. Many seemed to know each other and new contacts were also made. Demographics were whites, some Latinos, Asians, a couple of blacks, about 50-50 men/women.


Various affiliation groups weighed in at Spirit of America Rally for Trump – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: George Miller/


Republican Women Federated has 800+ members in Ventura County Alone. Camarillo President Kaye Feller turned out with the festive crowd of around 200 pro-Trumpers at Spirit of America Rally – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: George Miller/

What Happened

Although the event wasn’t scheduled to start until 1 PM, people were already showing up around noon. 2o minutes before the scheduled star, there were already 140 people assembled. Most people brought signs or flags. Some had politically or patriotically-oriented clothing- T shirts, buttons, etc. We counted eight people who appeared to be interviewing participants on both sides. Most people were just standing up to be counted, showing their signs, shouting encouragement. there was much networking and exchanging information. Several of the groups on site are activist-oriented and were recruiting.

Brief Event Video Clip:

No one attempted to direct the group. This was by design, we have heard from organizers. It was to celebrate, associate and show the public that Ventura isn’t all blue.  There were no speakers. Except for one self-appointed guy with a PA system leading songs, chants and encouragement, there were no group addresses. The group was spread out over 4 corners of a very large, noisy intersection by the largest shopping mall for miles, so it wouldn’t have been practical.

The pro-Trumpers were very festive, happy, smiling and very friendly to all. A party-like atmosphere prevailed. People we talked to were relieved and happy that Trump won. To them it was existential. Remember, CA is a very “blue” state, with all statewide offices and most legislative and local seats in Progressive hands, except for some inland and northern counties. Depressing for Conservatives and even middle of the road Republicans. About 225 people showed up (probably larger, with comings and goings), with about 40 appearing to be opposition.

Trump fans accept name Hillary gave them as a badge of honor at Spirit of America Rally for Trump – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: Jennifer Lawrence

Dave Rupp, sporting a Korea veteran cap and there with his family, said “no more American blood shed on someone else’s beaches when they won’t even defend themselves. He said he would do it over again in Korea, though. Rupp said he served for two years in the Korean war and that his son had served 8 years in the Navy in the submarine program. He was particularly incensed about Iraq. He offered no comments on the escalating war on ISIS.

“Matt,” a visitor from out of town, uses his PA system to lead singing of “God Bless America,” along with various chants and encouragement to Trump fans at Spirit of America Rally- 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: George Miller/


Is work already cool again after only a few weeks? At Spirit of America Rally for Trump – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: Jennifer Lawrence



Cyndy Smith and (Ventura)with Lorna Garrety (Ventura) express their views at Trump Spirit of America Rally- 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: Michael Hernandez/


Brief Event Video Clip by Jack Remington:


The Opposition

The rally numbers included about 40 anti-Trumpers, bearing signs about investigating and impeaching Trump and linking him to Russia, or declaring him “unfit” or beset with dementia. There were women in “pussy” hats with militant “pro-choice”signs. One had a large sign claiming: “Planned Parenthood Saves Lives..”

Trumpers side-by-side with opposition at Spirit of America Rally for Trump- 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: Jennifer Lawrence

The anti-Trumpers did not look happy about Trump or losing the Presidential election and lacked the ebullience of the Trump crowd. The themes were that they didn’t like Trump, think he is incompetent, law-breaking, and opposes some of their key issues.

Anti-Trumpers crash Spirit of America Rally for Trump to show their wares- 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: Jennifer Lawrence



Unlike events in some other places today, such as Berkeley, the only big conflict was the messages on the signs, which were poles apart. There was some discussion, hardly any arguing, no violence. The groups let each other be, often standing side by side, although most of the “anti’s” seemed to be on the NorthEast corner. Ventura County people are more genteel than their brothers and sisters in the big cities.  It probably didn’t hurt that there were 6 mall guards present and police occasionally passed by. 

A group of Trumpers started accumulating across the street by the Arco station at Spirit of America Rally – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: George Miller/

Public Reaction

There was much horn-honking, thumbs-upping and shouting encouragement from passing cars. Loud truck horns blasted, bug exterminators and delivery vehicle drivers smiled and waved. Carloads of suburban moms and dads bound to and from the mall screamed their support.

There were also a few catcalls and middle fingers raised. One car was waiting at a stoplight with clouds of smoke emitting from open windows. When  the light turned, the car took off, blowing clouds of what smelled like marijuana smoke (yes, this is California) over a crowd gathered on a traffic island, as a sleepy-eyed passenger flipped the bird and mouthed something unintelligible. The people in the crowd burst out laughing and joked with each other. To them, it seemed an absurd caricature of their opposition. But, lots of Trumpers blow weed, too, especially seniors with aches and pains.

Participant wants America secure, at Spirit of America Rally – 3-4-17, Ventura. Photo: George Miller/


Mall security was on hand, police nearby and more at Spirit of America rally for Trump in Ventura, 3-4-17 Photo: George Miler/

Some other Saturday rally events:

BREAKING: This Is Happening Right Now For Trump


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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John Smith

Speaking as someone who was there for the entire length of the protest, it /did/ start to get ugly toward the end. It was particularly disconcerting when a passerby in a Jeep started shouting “White Power” in support of the Trump protesters, and rather than decrying the racist, the Trump group started to sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Carol Babbitt Newton

If I was in Ventura visiting my family, who live there, I would have joined you. I love socializing with my intelligent, conservative, patriotic friends and neighbors. Trump is my president. Thank God Hillary did not win.

William Hicks

Sorry I wasn’t able to be there. But I did drive by while in transit to my Aunt Betty’s 100th birthday. I will attest to the fact that they were well manned and organized.