Trump Warns US May ‘Have No Choice But To Destroy North Korea’ In First UN Speech

By Ryan Pickrell

President Donald Trump warned that “Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un is on a “suicide mission” in his first address to the United Nations.

“The scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes,” Trump said at the U.N. General Assembly. “No one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea.” The president made it clear that if North Korea does not change course, the U.S. and its allies may be forced to destroy the regime.

The North Korean delegation had a front-row seat to Trump’s speech.



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William Hicks

Feinstein was quite critical of President Trumps comments about North Korea. A thumb nail sketch of what she said is that President Trump is a war monger.

I took the initiative to e-mail her with the question…..what, in your words, if you were President, would have said at the U.N.?

I can’t wait to see if I just get the usual boiler maker answer or an honest one from her.

William Hicks

Take the time to read what Feinstein had to say about it.