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    Setting Brushfires of Freedom by Don Jans

    Truth… Justice… The American Way. And President Donald Trump epitomizes it! Happy Birthday, Sir.

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    by Deborah Baber Savalla

    Today, June 14th, is both President Trump’s birthday, born in 1946, and it is Flag Day, birthed June 14, 1777. Less than one year (345 days) after disaffected British citizens, now known as patriots, declared independence from King George’s oppressive, near-tyrannical government imposed on citizens in the colonies, a resolution was passed by the Second Continental Congress adopting a flag of the United States.

    Today the red, white, and blue flies over all government buildings in our country, countless businesses, and untold American homes. For me, the welcome irony of President Trump’s birth and the acknowledgement and celebration of Flag Day in the United States on the same birthing month and day, says it all! 

    Our Founding Fathers envisioned government structures and constraints that, when enacted, would promote the welfare of the greatest number of United States citizens as humanly  possible. It would do so through “shared-control” of governing mechanisms. (There is no “shared control” in California. The Governorship, State Senate and Assembly are overwhelming occupied by one party, something that happens only in toady-totalitarian, socialist-communist nations… ) I believe President Donald J. Trump epitomizes the vision and thinking of our Founding Fathers. He is a giant among men who will attain his height only in history books. 

    For all this president does for America; for all Americans this President represents, regardless of support… Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

    I am grateful to honor you on your birthday! I and a fellow patriot will spend the day in my car traveling throughout Ventura County, telling people of the great things happening in America because of your policies. We have money in our pockets, a booming economy, jobs… jobs… jobs! …and so much more!

    Thank you, Mr. President on a job very well done! Happy Birthday!

    F O U R   M O R E   Y E A R S!


     Deborah Baber Savalla is a member of the Channel Islands Republican Women Federated: I am a former New York City book publishing executive with over 20 years of experience. I believe in moral clarity because it leads naturally to personal responsibility which WILL RESULT in small governments. I am honored to be the President of the Channel Islands Republican Women Federated (CIRWF) and privileged to work for Citizens Journal. I write columns and editorials for the Journal as a private citizen and not as staff or as President of CIRWF. I strive to be scrupulous when identifying my work as a private citizen versus that of a reporter or Journal contributor. The views expressed as a private individual are mine alone and are not necessarily that of Citizens Journal nor that of CIRWF.

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    2 years ago

    Love the fact you belittle people saying they show you no facts on makes saving or helping people. Yet medical professionals are on TV every day talking about it. You know people for some reason you think are only out to get the president. People who wear masks every day to protect themselves.

    Which country might I ask is surging in cases? USA
    Which country has not expressly said to wear masks all the time when in social areas? USA
    What countries are showing declines in cases? Not the USA
    What countries have expressly had people wear masks from the start and done full lockdown to get the pandemic under control? Look up the EU travel list and you will see.

    Are you a paranoid Karen who is more amped to buy into baseless conspiracy theories? By your videos yes you are.

    You have no facts to back up anything you say about masks. Yet every day people tell you about how masks help and save but you do not for some unknown reason listen to doctors who are dealing with the disease daily. How about you do us all a favor and educate yourself before you wreck yourself. And while you are at it wear a mask so someone else doesn’t get sick or die cause of your actions. May god have mercy on your soul for all that you have done and all the people you have hurt by preaching tinfoil hat conspiracies targeted to only make Trump look good without an ounce of any facts or truth behind them.

    I pray for your family that they do not have to pay for your mistakes. And I pray that none of your friends pay for your mistakes in perpetrating a lie on this level.

    Would not be surprised if we hear you come out and say that you had been abducted by aliens and you believe in lizard people as paranoid as you are.

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