Tune in to 870 AM- Citizens Journal on KRLA Mark Isler Show Saturday 9:30 PM (PT)

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Debra Tash, Editor-in-Chief and George Miller, Publisher, will be on the Mark Isler Show Saturday evening at 9:30.  They will be talking about how and why Citizensjournal.us, Ventura County’s Real News and newest publication, came to be.  Call-ins will be enabled- 866-870-5752.  Hope you will join us!

Those of you who are new to our site: please look around and if you like it, register free on our site or “like” our Facebook page.



Tune in at 870AM or online: http://www.am870theanswer.com/



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Thanks to Mark Isler for hosting Debra Tash and George Miller of Citizensjournal.us tonight. It was a good discussion about how and why we started this publication (you can see some discussion on that subject in our June and July 2013 postings).

Some of Ventura County is not able to receive KRLA 870 AM, so the Internet link is the way to go. Mark has a very low key interviewing style, as he said: like having a discussion in his living room (which just happens to be wired to reach up to 5 million people).

We actually had some people already call or email us about working for Citizensjournal.us. If you are interested, contact us at [email protected],us, although the pay is awful at this time. Hopefully, we picked up some new readers, too. We’re always looking for advertisers or donors.

We had a caller who asked why the Republican plans for health care in lieu of Obamacare didn’t get more media exposure. We answered that HR3400 (one of the Republican alternative health care bills) had a virtual media embargo on it. We intend to help avoid situations like that, regardless of party labels.

Susan Kline

WOW! Fantastic. We’ll be listening. sk