Twisted Political Petitions Threaten Democracy


By Rich Eber

I am being hit up on my cell phone and email by those attempting to garner my signature on so called petitions.  In reality these pleas are blatant attempts to solicit contributions to a political candidate or cause.

Even dolling out few bucks makes me feel like a philanthropist hanging out under the freeway off ramp on Christmas Eve. No one will leave me alone.

In receiving these daily solicitations for my opinions, it is gratifying to know all of these people value my views about everything from education to nominating the best Supreme Court justice. This narcissistic euphoria continues until I reach  the bottom of the page when it is learned those organizing the petition drives only want to extract money from me.

Typical is one I received last week from the Democratic front organization Fight for last week.  It read:

RICH DIDN’T SIGN THIS PETITION YET! Add your signature now to Protect Special Counsel Mueller >>
NEVER FORGET → Mike Pence threatened Robert Mueller:
rich, we are TERRIFIED the Trump White House will end Mueller’s Investigation. Congress MUST pass a bill to Save Mueller!

It would be great to learn that by signing a petition, the powers that be in Washington D.C. would quake in their boots and say, “Richard, we have heard enough. Robert Mueller will be left alone to continue his stairway to heaven probe that will likely continue until a Democrat is elected President.”

It must be asked would be so terrible if the investigation ends? Is Mueller obligated to implicate President Trump with conspiring with the Russians, even if he was not involved with this activity? However, In the Progressive World thinking process, this is not possible. Trump is guilty no matter what.

These  phony petition scams are lamer than what Pravda used to put out in the days of the Soviet Union. When it was announced last week that Brett Cavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, CNN aired a spontaneous demonstration that had printed up posters that opposed all four individuals who were under consideration by Donald Trump to fill the post

It occurred to me that if these protestors were really environmentally sensitive, they would have used a black Board for their placards to save trees from being cut down instead of wasting all that paper I’m sure Karl Rove would have donated the materials to assist in saving more garbage being dropped in landfills.

Talking about human waste, I was even sent a petition received to protest Stormy Daniels arrest in Ohio for lewd acts during her performance at a local strip club. My signature would indicate this damsel in distress was framed by local Trump supporters trying to defile her reputation.

It is obvious, one would believe, she was victimized by right wing extremists. Ironically, this same argument was used by Ms. Daniel’s attorney David Avenatti, who should be nominated for the 1st Annual Clarence Darrow Ambulance Chaser of the Year award for 2018.

Just when you thought it was safe to swim in formally shark infested waters, I received another plea from the Fight for Reform people asking me to sign a petition demanding the resignation of Mitch McConnell from being the Senate Majority leader.  Outside of being a Republican, what possibly could his offenses be meriting his ouster from the Senate?

Readers of this hate mail were soon to learn the duly elected Senator from Kentucky was guilty of in their words

  1. He REFUSES to pass gun control.2. He passed Trump’s HORRIBLE tax scam.3. And he ROBBED Obama of a Supreme Court seat

To me this shows how twisted the far left is in their thinking. Progressives believe  they should be making decisions in a democracy of who serves; even if this function normally is reserved for voters.

Back on the ranch in California, candidate for Governor Gavin Newsom is doing his best with his own petition drives against Brett Kavanaugh, getting rid of I.C.E. protecting reproductive rights, and getting Betsy De Vos fired.  None of these objectives of Newsom have much to do serving as the state’s Chief Executive

Newsom does not care as his progressive social issues platform has gotten him this far in his quest to become Governor; so why change now?  One would think should Newsom be elected, his constituents would be more interested in job creation, fixing pot holes, pension reform, and improving the K1-12 education system.

Apparently not. Instead, Newsom expects voters to be high on weed, have multiple choices of restroom diversity, gain free medical and college admission, while taxing the wealthy into the fast disappearing middle class income group.

It should be noted that dispensing inflammatory hate email is not restricted to disgruntled leftists who lust for political power.  Those on the right are just as guilty doing the same sort of thing to stir up the masses while at the same time performing fund raising functions.

The only difference between the two approaches is that instead of Donald Trump being the hated Bogey Man, we have on the right former President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, being the villains who allegedly endanger democracy. In a similar vein, George Soros and the Koch Brothers are heroes or heretics, depending on one’s political beliefs.

What concerns me is that with polarization of the Left and the Right, there is little room in either political party for middle of the roaders who want neither quasi socialism nor unregulated capitalism. As a result of both Republicans and Democrats appealing to their base of doctrinaire followers, are not getting much done in Congress.

 In this environment of hatred, many of us look nostalgically back to Ronald Reagan making deals with Tip O’Neil and Bill Clinton working out welfare reform with then House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Most voters don’t like the current adversarial political climate. This was evidenced in 2016 by Hillary Clinton’s Basket of Deplorables. It is believed this discourse had a lot more to do with her defeat than alleged interference from Russians hackers of the DNC.

Identity politics might work out West; but such notions are distained in most other states not named California or New York.

In the meantime politico’s such as I can expect to receive the usual “Who was buried in Grant’s Tomb” type of poll questions to incite anger and to take out our credit cards to help the cause of the day.  Naturally, those of us who have an IQ higher than tap water know the answer to be given can be summed up with the oft said phrase, “It’s the money stupid”.


Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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