Two Years and Still Here — Happy Birthday, Citizens Journal!

What started out as group endeavor by the American Freedom Partnership, an organization which has since disbanded, is now a passion for those who run it and for its wonderful team of dedicated writers.  With a budget that would make shoestrings look generous, Citizens Journal, Ventura County, marks its second year.  We want to thank everyone who has contributed their time, their talent and their funds to our news site.  We will continue to work toward our goal of adding a balanced view to the news for Ventura County. 

Those of us at Citizens Journal want to thank our readers most of all.

Here’s to another year.  Happy birthday, Citizens Journal! authors:

Writers with Original Material

Sheryl Hamlin – News, Lifestyle, events

Raven West – Columns, Lifestyle

Phil Erwin – Op-ed

Michael Greer – Op-ed, Columns

Logan McFadden – News – events – features

Gregory J. Welborn – Op-ed

Abigail Welborn – Op-ed

Kevin Harris – News, Columns

Leo G. Alvarez – Columns

Sigrid Weidenweber – Columns

Daniel Gelman – News, features

Larry Nash – News

Thomas Knapp – Op-ed

Armando Vazquez – Op-ed, Columns

Brynne Betz – Columns

Tim Pompey – News, Lifestyle

Dan Pinedo – Photo Journalist

Donna Hendricks – Photo Journalist

Bill Hicks – Photos/news

Nina Danza – Features

Katie Cocoquyt- Columns, Lifestyle

Dennis E. Brown – Columns

Resa Brown – Columns

Dana Rene – Photo Journalist

Bill Haff – Op-ed

Lawrence P. Stein – Columns

Kelsey Stuart and Shelby Baker – News

Tony Dolz- Columns

David Stewart – Columns, webmaster

Jim Sullivan- Columns Op-ed

Steve Nash- Columns, News

Bob Allen, Peter Godinez- News, Feature videos- KADTY 

Herbert W. Titus – Columns

William J. Olson- Columns

David Puu- Photos- Columns, Features

Lori McVicker – Op-ed

Steve Bowers – Cartoonist

Tom Miller – Columns

Nona Fisher – Op-ed

George Miller – News, features, columns, editorials, Features

Mike Hernandez – News, Founding Editor

Noel Young – CFO

Debra Tash – Editor-in-Chief, News, Columns, Editorials


Union Watch/California Policy Center

The Daily Caller

Cal Watchdog

Washington Times

Christel Lane Swasey (Common Core)

L. Neil Smith

Stephen Frank

Jennifer Felten

Jon Rappoport

Israeli Homeland Security

Jon Coupal (Howard Jarvis Taxpayers)

Ventura County Taxpayers Association

Chip Bok- Cartoonist

Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin

The People’s Cube

And others who have let us run their articles: Walter E. Williams, Pamela Geller, Larry Elder, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Dr. Ted Baehr, Roseann Salanitri, Reverend David Whitney and many more wonderful writers.


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Ronald L. Lyons

Congratulations to the Citizen’s Journal and its team. You have done Ventura County a great service. May you have many years of success and great future publications.

We need to recognize our true conservative roots, and the Citizen’s Journal is always there to communicate that message. We can easily reject carpet bagging liberals if we know the truth. That is what America is all about. So keep up the good work Citizen’s Journal, and keep liberty alive in Ventura County.

The task of every citizen in our county is to tell government to back off, and the Citizen’s Journal will show us how.

Citizen Reporter

We try to allow all viewpoints to be represented in columns/editorials (We invite writers to submit for publication: [email protected]) and try to keep the news section as objective as possible.