U.S. Rep.-elect Steve Knight meets with constituents on illegal immigration


By George Miller

Knight accommodates urgent meeting request on 12-23-14, since group wanted to speak to him before he is sworn in January.


Illegal immigration was one of the biggest issues in the recent mid-term elections. Some Democrats were swept from office in part because of their support for Obamacare and/or “Immigration Reform” as defined by Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate, which passed the latter as the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (S744). But the House wouldn’t even bring the bill to the floor, even though leadership seemed to favor it. It is very clear that a very large portion of the rank and file Republicans and surprisingly many Democrats didn’t. The election results proved it.


Newly elected CA CD-25 US Rep Steve Knight (bright sweater) meets with anti-amnesty activists (not all shown) on 12-23-14 in Santa Clarita

Immigration activists have been after Obama to implement the Senate bill by executive fiat. After saying repeatedly that he had no authority to change the law unilaterally, he finally attempted to change the law unilaterally. Obama announced  a sweeping executive amnesty plan which he said would affect nearly five million illegal immigrants. Some activists estimate that far more would be affected.

In fact, the implementation descriptions on federal web sites expand classes of people affected beyond what Obama has described.  Instead of working through a Constitutional legislative process, or even writing an executive order, he merely made a speech, wrote some memos and had some web sites updated to explain what he intended to do.

Regional activists and much of the public are in firm opposition to the executive amnesty provisions that Obama is attempting to put into place without legislation and without consensus, which many say is blatantly illegal/unconstitutional. Multiple challenges are in the court system already and activists are urging Congress to take it up and stop it in the coming new session.

In spite of all this, the House of Representatives again passed a $1 trillion+  continuing resolution, nick-named the “Crominbus,” (Continuing Resolution Omnibus bill) which not only kicked the can down the road still again by funding the status quo, but also fully funded all of the amnesty provisions as well.   Many constituents are beyond furious, having already made their views on illegal immigration very evident to legislators


The meeting

This is a composite of multiple accounts, including that of the Organizer ….

An activist-Organizer Greg Aprahamian, of “We the People Rising,” tracked the immigration issue through the mid term election process, logged the candidates’ views and pronouncements, attended debates and townhalls, queried candidates and their staffs, videotaped some proceedings and finally decided to support Steve Knight in his district (25) which is parts of Simi Valley and north and as far east as Lake Los Angeles (was occupied by retiring Congressman “Buck” McKeon).

After the  election and seeing the amnesty announcement and tepid Congressional reaction to it, Mr. Aprahamian and many others have been lobbying Congress to stop amnesty and dump Boehner. He was able to setup a meeting with his CA 25th District Congressman-elect Steve Knight.

Due to the very short notice for a meeting only two days before Christmas, only 12 were present for the December 23 session.   The group, which wasn’t particularly well organized, did make two main points very clearly on what they want Rep. Knight to do in office:

– Strongly oppose the executive amnesty provisions and demand their defunding

– Help oust John Boehner as Speaker, as they have lost confidence in him for this and numerous other actions.

 They are even distributing a form letter for people to complete and send in.

As we heard it, Knight listened to individuals state their case for about 45 minutes. It was a bit of a free for all and some got an inordinate amount of time. At least one, a reporter from Fillmore, reportedly took up a lot of time, was rather strident and irritated Knight. Another attendee told us that she merely spoke the truth. Most of the members also submitted letters to Knight of what they wanted done.

Numerous points were made on how the amnesty decree by Obama is unconstitutional and illegal, how it isn’t in the best interests of the USA, in terms of security, economics, education, jobs and more, why it should be opposed, nullified, repudiated and defunded.

Knight spent most of the last 15 minutes talking, but aside from generalities, did not actually make any commitments, just registered that he heard and understood their concerns.  In fact, he didn’t even confirm the commitments he previously made via his answers to the NumbersUSA survey, contained in this article. He even argued when told not to vote for unconstitutional and unread bills, saying “no bill is perfect.”

He reportedly made it clear that he will follow the Republican game plan, which was not explained.

One member told Citizens Journal that “Steve got what he wants now he doesn’t need us anymore.” Another indicated that if he doesn’t act as he stated in the NumbersUSA survey, that it would create an enormous credibility problem and backlash.

One activist told us that: “Steve got snarky at the end.”

Still another attendee reported that Knight did not seem interested in what they had to say, that “it was a tense meeting,” that he was “swayed by the ‘Dreamers,'” that Knight was formerly in law enforcement, that “officials should not select which laws they want to enforce, like from a fast food menu.” 

Aprahamian told us that Knight said he has had three conversations with John Boehner. When asked if he had discussed immigration/amnesty with Boehner, he said no. Aprahamian told us he was astonished, as illegal immigration is such a huge issue.

Overall, participants were unsatisfied with the outcome of the meeting, stating that they were only able to register their preferences with Knight and gain a small bit of insight into his views.

1-6-15 update: Knight voted for Boehner

25th District Election Candidate positions


CA-CD-25- above- More on the district


Results of debates during the election campaign were less than satisfactory to the activists and evidently, to the public which was paying attention.

This section from Mr. Aprahamian …..

Linked are the questions I asked to Steve Knight during the campaign.  Please watch them in sequence starting at clip #54 then #55 – #57.    It’s interesting to me that the Tony Strickland videos got a lot more viewers than the Steve Knight videos.  I believe it’s because Strickland was the front runner and had more people focusing on him during much of the campaign.


PS.   I sent the Tony Strickland videos to Numbers USA to help them grade Tony Strickland, and they did downgrade his score .  Knight’s answers didn’t reduce his Numbers USA score because they were already on the bottom and could only go up.


 Preview by Yahoo
 Preview by Yahoo
 Preview by Yahoo
 Preview by Yahoo

Aprahamian reported great difficulty pinning candidates down on their immigration positions, but settled on the NumbersUSA candidate evaluation template. Neither candidate met NumbersUSA or Mr. Aprahamian’s requirements, so activists began to pressure the candidates to clarify their positions. When Mr. Knight saw his low ratings on Numbers USA and electorate dissatisfaction with them, he contacted NumbersUSA and filled out the survey. His and Strickland’s ratings are shown below.


Source:  https://www.numbersusa.com/content/elections/races/southwest/california/2014-california-25th-congressional-district.html


Knight believes immigration system “is broken”

According to Aprahamian, Mr. Knight made it clear that he believes the immigration system actually is broken and needs certain reforms. He bases this on the challenges he has had in getting legal approval for residency for his foreign-born wife and some relatives.


Letter to Steve Knight

The group urges letters be sent to House Reps (because of this late date, letters will not get through the system on time, so emails and calls (Knight- 202-225-1956) are recommended). The group urges you to contact other Congressional reps:



State Senator Steve Knight,

23920 Valencia Blvd.

Suite 250

Santa Clarita, CA 91355


Dear Steve Knight,

John Boehner and the Republican leadership allowed President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty to be funded in the Omnibus appropriation bill against the will of the American people.

The American people sent a firm and unequivocal notice to Congress in 2014 that they demand an end to the disregard of our immigration laws.

Prior to the Nov. 2014 election, voters removed pro-amnesty Republican Majority whip Eric Cantor, and in the November election, nearly all the Senators that lost their re-election voted for the Senate Amnesty bill S744.   In an effort to contain an out of control and lawless President, Americans handed a historic victory to Republicans in the November elections thinking that the Republican leadership would uphold our immigration laws.

It is stunning how swiftly the John Boehner and the Republican leadership in Congress betrayed Republican voters, who had so recently handed them such a resounding victory.

Americans called their Representatives in record numbers and in doing so crashed the Capitol switchboard by sheer call volume.  John Boehner and the Republican leadership once again displayed their deafness and callousness by ignoring those calls, and funded the executive amnesty.

The stunning betrayal by John Boehner and the Republican Leadership is unacceptable.

I am writing to you to demand that a new House Speaker be elected.



Contact info:


CA Congress Reps          Phone Number                Fax Number

Steve Knight

Congressman Knight new #- 202-225-1956


Ed Royce                         202-225-4111                  714-255-0101


Duncan Hunter               202-225-5672                  951-695-5108


Darryl Issa                      202-225-3906                  760-599-5000


Dana Rohrabacher           202-225-2415                  714-960-6483


Ken Calvert                     202-225-1986                  951-277-0042


Doug LaMalfa                  202-225-3076                  530-878-5035


Paul Cook                        202-225-5861                  760-247-1815


Tom McClintock              202-225-2511                  916-786-5560


related info:



Sen. Johnson Provides Evidence Capitol Hill GOP Leaders OK With Obama’s Amnesty

Amnesty deal? http://www.conservativehq.com/article/19272-sen-johnson-provides-evidence-capitol-hill-gop-leaders-ok-obamas-amnesty




Why “executive amnesty is unconstitutional”



George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.


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Greg Aprahamian
Greg Aprahamian
6 years ago

Dear Friends,

If you tried to call the Capitol switchboard today, you probably found out that the wait to get connected was enormous, if not impossible.

This is great news, because the wait lines attests to extremely high call volume, of Concerned Americans calling their Representatives demanding that John Boehner be replaced.

Wait lines on the Capitol switchboard are usually non existent, but it seems Americans are currently alert and engaged for the moment and they are calling Washington demanding new Republican leadership.

I think the current public challenge to Speaker Boehner might be a real first in American politics, as I don’t recall the public ever getting involved in challenging a House Speaker. Scandals have taken a Speaker out, but I don’t think Public involvement has. Non the less, judging from the call volume to the Capitol the American public has mobilized against John Boehner.

I wish I could hear what was going on in the Speakers office, because I have the feeling that John Boehner is currently in the fight of his life to save his Speakers gavel. No doubt big deals are currently being made between Republican and Democrat Representatives and Speaker Boehner, as the Speaker trades money, committee positions and a ton of “pork” to buy support for John Boehner.
Speaker Boehner will be able to trade a kings ransom to keep his position…but it’s important to remember that Speaker Boehner is mostly trading what doesn’t belong to him.
We will soon know what will happen, but either way I think the outcome will be enormous, It will be historic if Boehner loses his Speaker ship. If Boehner keeps his Speaker ship, the millions of Republicans that called during the Cromnibus battle and today and tomorrow will probably come to the realization that their Representative has stopped listening and they’ve been dis-enfranchised. It will be interesting to see how the public reacts if Boehner keeps his position as Speaker, but I think we will ultimately understand their reaction to this in 2016.

The vote is suppose to take place tomorrow. If it is delayed until the 7th, that is a positive sign, because it means Speaker Boehner doesn’t have enough votes to keep his gavel…yet.

Please call again with me tomorrow, (or Fax) and lets give our Representatives another chance to listen to us.

Best regards,
Greg Aprahamian

CA Congress Reps Phone Number Fax Number Correct FAX Numbers

Steve Knight’s DC- phone number 202-225-1956 We don’t have a fax number for him.

Ed Royce 202-225-4111 714-255-0101 202-226-0335

Duncan Hunter 202-225-5672 951-695-5108 202-225-0235

Darryl Issa 202-225-3906 760-599-5000 202-225-3303

Dana Rohrabacher 202-225-2415 714-960-6483 ??

Ken Calvert 202-225-1986 951-277-0042 202-225-2004

Doug LaMalfa 202-225-3076 530-878-5035 530-223-5897

Paul Cook 202-225-5861 760-247-1815 909-797-4997

Tom McClintock 202-225-2511 916-786-5560 202-225-5444