U.S. Rep. McClintock: Syria and Media Recap

McClintock TomViewpoint By Tom McClintock

Dear Friends,
I am deeply concerned about the prospect of war in Syria. The Middle East is a tinderbox, and lighting a match and tossing it in could have catastrophic consequences. An American attack on Syria could well trigger a retaliatory attack by its allies, probably Hezbollah, on probably Israel. That would require an Israeli retaliatory strike, possibly on Iran.One can see how quickly this could escalate. And then instead of 1,400 dead civilians in Damascus, we suddenly have 14,000 dead civilians in Tel Aviv. The regime in Syria is a barbaric regime. It is despotic. But the other side is affiliated with al-Qaeda. They’re conducting massacres of Syrian Christians in the areas that they control, they’re decapitating opponents in the street, they’re committing atrocities on Syrian war dead. And these are the forces America is going to ally with because the President painted himself into a rhetorical corner and now is trying to get out? If you’re going to start a war, if you’re going to put your young soldiers in harm’s way, you’d better be prepared to put the entire resources of the country behind it, absolutely annihilate the enemy, get it over with as quickly as possible, and then be prepared to install a government of our choosing and maintain that government until all opposition has ceased. Victory, not stalemate, should be the object of a war. And yet, this particular war is being started with the declared objective of stalemate.

Tom McClintock

Here is a recap of what Congressman McClintock has been up to in the media…

McClintock talks Syria on the Radio 9/5/13: Congressman McClintock spoke with Amy and Ed from KFBK about his opposition to President Obama’s proposed military strikes against Syria, which he is concerned will escalate into a broader conflict. Congressman McClintock also explained that the Obama Administration is aligning the United States with Islamic radicals who massacre Christians and other atrocities. 9/5/13: Congressman McClintock joined Barry Stigers of KAHI to talk about the ongoing, bloody civil war in Syria. Congressman McClintock said that he rejects the notion that the United States is the “world’s policeman.” He also explained how United States’ intervention in Syria could lead to another Egypt or Libya. 9/1/13: During an interview with NPR, Congressman McClintock explained that President Obama has avoided a constitutional crisis by seeking congressional authorization for military intervention in Syria. However, Congressman McClintock was clear in his opposition to the plan, noting that the Middle East is a volatile region and that any action the Obama Administration takes will be viewed as an act of war.

U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock represents California’s 4th Congressional District and at one time was a state representative in Ventra County.

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