Understanding California’s Man-Made Water Crisis

Understanding California’s water crisis requires an explanation of how government agencies and politicians failed to do their jobs and allowed environmental interests to send billions of gallons of needed water to the ocean. Because of this man-made water crisis California’s agricultural economy suffered billions of dollars in losses, thousands of people lost their jobs, foreign imports of food products increased, food price sky-rocketed, and thousands of acres of productive farmland was turned to dust.




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Steven Nash

There are many inaccuracies presented in this video, the first being the statement that the delta smelt is not native to the delta. False, it is endemic.

Second, that farmers are naive when it comes to understanding and working within the regulatory regime. Go to a meeting of any of our local water purveyors and you will encounter ag interests represented by high-quality legal experts. They are by no means country bumpkins and they, to my mind, control the discussion on water.

Third, that “radical environmentalists” are destroying the State. When does a majority stop being considered “radical”. If the voters wanted a different direction, they would vote for those candidates who would implement their interests. I know this is hard for some conservatives to accept but California is what it is.

Fourth, that agriculture is a massive economic driver in CA. It is 2% of our economy.

I will stop here but Mr. Spady will soon have water issues aplenty in his home state of Montana.