Unions Defy Supreme Court on Mandatory Dues, Suit Says

By Kevin Mooney 


Labor unions are collecting dues from public employees without their “affirmative consent” in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling that state laws requiring nonunion government workers to make such payments are unconstitutional, a new lawsuit alleges.

The Freedom Foundation, a free market think tank based in Washington state, joined with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation to sue on behalf of 10 government employees in Oregon who argue that union dues or fees should not be deducted from their paychecks after they officially resigned from their union.

“This is one of the biggest scandals I’ve ever witnessed from the unions and the government,” Aaron Withe, director of Freedom Foundation’s Oregon chapter, said in a press release. “The union dues they’ve forcibly deducted from people who want out are meant to be designated to the working families of this state, not some special interest group.”

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One Response to Unions Defy Supreme Court on Mandatory Dues, Suit Says

  1. William Hicks December 14, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Public Sector Unions should not exist. There are civil service rules that already protect such employee’s.


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