Up The “Progressive” Creek

By Phil Erwin

For once, all the rancor, vitriolic insults and fraudulent word-twisting of Primary Season is among factions of the Republican Party.

The inter-party strife first became evident with the TEA Party – mostly disillusioned Republicans who wanted their party leaders to be more… Well, more Republican. More Conservative.

Hyper-Liberal Democrats (a.k.a. “Progressives”) are frankly ecstatic about the Republican discord. But the vitriolic bleating worries normally-civil Republicans and other Americans who don’t want to see our political system, our government, our nation and our way of life blown apart from the inside.



Which is what Progressives actually want to do, though they won’t admit it. But study their policies, and the conclusion becomes inescapable: Progressives want to make America into not America :

  • They want to eliminate all border control – just let everybody in.  Terrorist or no. Sane people recognize that you can’t enforce laws without borders, and you can’t maintain a civil society without laws. Without borders, you have no country. But Progressives are “down” with the “Open-Borders” movement. (And how’s that been working out for Europe, which functionally eliminated their internal borders? Now there are millions of unknown, undocumented, unemployed and unhappy not-citizens wandering around the continent, camping here, getting welfare there, and waiting for someone else to solve their problems).
  • Having demolished America’s borders and welcomed in the rest of the world, Progressives want American taxpayers to pay for the healthcare, education and “living wage” of everyone who sets foot in America.   Welfare, food stamps, Obamacare and Medicaid, jobs training, now even college – Progressives want absolutely all forms of government assistance available free of charge to any and all who are here. Citizen, or no. (And available in all languages – We can’t expect them to know English, now, can we? After all, they just got here! ).
  • Next, Progressives want to pass laws and regulations guaranteeing no businesses can do anything that Progressives don’t like. (To “protect” all those non-documented non-citizens from those mean, nasty business owners who pay them for work. And those wages should be determined, not by businesses, but by government! Of course).
  • Progressives have been busy rewriting history, making Americans out as the worst villains that ever “ruled” the planet with iron fist and carbon-belching planet-heaters. And their in-progress “Politically-Correct Etiquette” rulebook specifies how people can talk, and think, and behave toward one other. Progressives want to teach their manufactured history and PC-Etiquette in all schools and colleges… and they want to outlaw teaching anything else.   Because that’s how you make a “progressive” society.

(This hijacking of national education has been going on for decades, which is why college-age kids – a.k.a. spoiled brats – know nothing about their nation’s history and political system, and run to their Dean crying that Somebody wrote mean things on the sidewalk ( “Trump 2016” !) and Ooohh, they feel threatened and traumatized and so, so not-safe! ).

Does this sound like a “progressive” American future to you?

If that’s not what you want for America, you can’t vote for Hillary – she’s a self-avowed “Progressive Democrat.”   Nor for Sanders – he’s more Progressive than Hillary, he wants to tax everybody’s everything, and give it all to… somebody else. (Socialism on steroids – Progressives have re-named it “Wealth redistribution”)   Bernie’s been trying to pull that off for decades.

But… If you can’t vote for Hillary, and you can’t Feel the Bern, then… Who can you vote for?

OMG. Donald Trump?!

This is the dilemma of a majority of Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. We can’t imagine a more dangerous, utterly non-progressive future than with another Progressive President. Our economy, healthcare, national security and freedoms would suffer mightily – just as they have under our the current President – and our international standing, already crumbling, would crater. The nation, and the world, might never recover. But Republicans have done a poor job of providing a comfortable, electable alternative to Hillary. The only one still standing is Kasich, and he can barely get his name mentioned.

Perhaps this election wouldn’t matter so much, if Democrats hadn’t already screwed up the globe so badly in the last seven years. But the reality is, they have. ISIS, Iran, Libya, the Sudan, North Korea, the Ukraine – all serious trouble-spots, and all getting worse. China is a smouldering volcano of dangers and challenges. The Mid-East is an absolute mess. Our allies have all but written us off as useless – Israel certainly has. And Russia… We haven’t worried about them since Ronald Reagan held a wall-demolition rally in Berlin; now we worry what else Putin will wrest from Hillary’s silly “Reset” ceremony.

(Reagan had already accomplished a Russian reset. Maybe Hillary’s idiotic prop was really meant to convey: You Ruskies may again seek global domination – America’s out of the deterrence business!   That would certainly explain Obama’s indifference to Putin’s many aggressions.)

So: This election really matters!   It’s a shame the Republicans haven’t figured out what to do about that.

You might say we’re all, as a nation, collectively navigating up that proverbial, smelly creek.

Anybody got a paddle?


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Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics. If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

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