UPDATE: Judicial Watch Lawsuit Against Los Angeles County and the State of California

Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) announces the following update with respect to our joint lawsuit with Judicial Watch:
Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires states to identify and remove ineligible voters from their voter rolls. Citing Section 8(i), Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) sent a letter to the California Secretary of State and the Los Angeles County Registrar, among others, asking for “all pertinent records concerning ‘the implementation of programs and activities conducted for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy and currency’ of California’s official eligible voter lists during the past 2 years.”
These records included, but were not limited to, all records from the  California State Department of Health, the California State Department of Corrections, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, U.S. Social Security Administration, the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security concerning Los Angeles County’s identification and removal of deceased, non-citizens, and voters who have moved outside of the jurisdiction. In response to our demands,the LA County Registrar said that no records exist between these state and federal agencies.
Section 8 contains extensive provisions regarding the sending of address confirmation notices and the processing and removal of registrations where voters do not respond to such notices or vote during the statutory waiting period. 52 U.S.C. § 20507(d). The NVRA requires states to place voters on inactive status should they fail to respond to an address confirmation notice, and remove them if they fail to vote for two consecutive elections.
California reported to the Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) that Los Angeles County sent 187,329 address confirmation notices during the period from November 2014 to November 2016. This is about 93,664 confirmation notices each year. In other words,
only about 2% of those holding active registrations in Los Angeles County receive a confirmation notice in any given year.
This number is even more shocking given the Census Bureau reports that the annual mobility rate is 13% for residents in Los Angeles County.
Moreover, according to the latest Election Administration and Voting Survey, California reported to the EAC that Los Angeles County removed zero voters for failing to respond to a confirmation notice and failure to vote in two consecutive elections.
On December 13, 2017, EIPCa, in partnership with Judicial Watch, filed a civil lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California claiming the California Secretary of State and the Los Angeles County Registrar were in violation of their list maintenance obligations under Section 8 of the NVRA.
The Secretary of State and Los Angeles County Registrar responded to our complaint on January 23, 2018. Counsel for both parties are scheduled to meet and confer no later than February 22, 2018 and prepare a discovery plan thereafter.

Will keep you posted!

Linda Paine
President and Co-founder
Election Integrity Project California

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Clarence R Sullivan Jr

will we be able to do the recall.
I am available to help.

Donna Gegeny

This last election can’t be correct on the amount of votes Cox got to Allen’s also Gavins and Antonio’s and MAXINE Waters and Nancy Pelosis and Adam Schiffs and the rejection of many of our votes is there any way we can get a study done of who voted for who we believe lot of our vote were hyjacked from their DOUBLE registrations Travis had so many supporters all over CA did many rallys and people everywhere were supporting him. COX did not have that many supporters nobody liked him only because Trump endorsed he got a few supporters however most Trump supporters flooded Trumps Twitter account saying they did not like Cox and were voting for Allen. Allen was far more popular but he had a tiny spot on the map way at the top of CA Cox had almost all CA this is impossible There was major fraud in this election it was compromised and hyjacked with unimaginable proportion. It needs to be done all over and every voter should be contacted and checked who they voted for and counted again. This was rigged and altered and they already knew the outcome before millions of votes were counted