Vaccine Mandate Being Used To Gut America’s Weapons Research Assets By Firing Top Scientists At Los Alamos

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(Natural News) The diabolical nature of the Biden regime puts America and Americans more at risk every day as these lunatics continue to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken our country in the face of our enemies, such is their hatred for our liberties.

Nuclear weapons may be one of those things we, as members of the human race, may wish we could un-invent, but they are here now, have been for decades, and they are now a vital part of our national security. But the current regime is hell-bent on destroying even this advantage we hold over our two primary competitors — Russia and China — which have nuclear weapons inventories of their own.

According to multiple reports, literally dozens of employees at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons research and development lab in New Mexico face termination after refusing to get a COVID vaccine, and among those at risk of being fired include some of our country’s top nuclear scientists.

The deadline for all federal workers and federal contractors at the lab to get the vaccine has come and gone and it’s not clear at this point if any of the highly skilled researchers have actually been terminated, but clearly that is a consideration and if we lose those personnel, there isn’t any way to rapidly replace the skill set and the decades of knowledge they collectively obtain.

To that point, 114 employees filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the vaccine mandate, which The Hill reported last week, “Workers at the New Mexico laboratory, which created the atomic bomb, filed a lawsuit claiming that exemptions to the mandate have been denied without proper justification.”

However, a state judge has already struck down the suit, KRQE13 reported:

On Friday,  Judge Jason Lidyard denied the request of the 114 employees asking for the vaccine mandate at LANL to be blocked. Jonathan Diener is an attorney representing some of the plaintiffs, who argued to the judge that LANL should be considered a government entity.

“To me, it’s perfectly clear that employment is a benefit that the government is giving these people at LANL and they’re taking it away because they’re exercising their constitutional right to decide what goes in their body,” said Diener.

According to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, workers had until Oct. 15 to be vaccinated. “Employees granted religious exemptions will go on vacation or unpaid leave until pandemic conditions improve. Judge Lidyard said that was an ‘ok’ religious accommodation,” the local outlet reported.

But the plaintiffs’ attorney disagreed.

“That was not a real accommodation and I’m shocked that the judge accepted that as a legitimate accommodation for those people,” said Diener.

In a statement, officials from Triad National Security LLC, the federal contractor that runs the lab, said, “Triad values the contributions of all employees, and our decision to mandate the vaccine was made only after considerable thought.

“The safety and health of our employees remains our top priority as we fulfill our national security mission, and as a result, our vaccine mandate remains in effect. We appreciate the thorough review and consideration provided by the court on the important issues presented at the hearing,” the statement continued.

The company said that 96 percent of employees at the lab were vaccinated, but clearly, some of the most important and talented employees — nuclear scientists — were not.

“The plaintiffs include scientists, nuclear engineers, project managers, research technicians and others who have some of the highest security clearances in the nation for the work they do,” The Associated Press reported.

“Some employees have estimated the lab could lose anywhere from 4% to 10% of the workforce because of the mandate,” the newswire service continued.

This pandemic has been so politicized — by Democrats seeking to expand and consolidate unconstitutional powers — it almost has to have been intentional.

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Lets take a look at the source of this OPINION, Natural Quack.

I’ve done my research and have conclusively shown this article is total crap.

Research, example 1 ( –
Conspiracy Rating: Strong
Pseuco-Sci Level: Quackery

Research, example 2 ( –
Bias: Most Extreme, Right
Reliability: Unreliable, Inaccurate

Try to do better, Citizens OPINION, if your able to even see past your own BS.

C E Voigtsberger

I just read a letter from a gentleman who is deeply involved in our space program. His specialty is deep space communications. He was involved in communication with the Mars rover. He is involved with the large antenna you see on the right hand side of the road on the way to Biship. Because companies that he would normally be able to find employment with are all government contractors and all employees of government contractors are compelled by goobermental fiat to be vaccinated, he can’t find employment in his field with 20+ years experience.

So. unless his letter is a complete falsehood, and it has enough in it that I believe it is either true or it is an incredibly detailed falsehood, retaliation for not being stuck is indeed true. I would reproduce his letter here, but it is even longer than my reply to your urban legend.