VC fires back at Oxnard’s Fisherman’ Wharf project opposition

By George Miller

Ventura County CEO Michael Powers fired back at the City of Oxnard’s opposition to the county’s proposed 400 unit apartment complex to replace the existing Fisherman’s Wharf recreational and retail complex. The City and CA Coastal Commission maintain that the project is in violation of Coastal Commission, Local Coastal Plan and other Oxnard ordinances.

The County demands that Oxnard acquiesce to its demands to change them to permit the project as proposed. It also claims that its public works plan trumps the Oxnard LCP and that it is the proper party to handle permitting.

Read Powers’ letter to Oxnard City Manager Greg Nyhoff:

Fishermans Wharf Powers 20170825145917

The City has taken to heart almost universal opposition to the project. Developers and the Chamber of Commerce– and the County- are the principal backers.

The complex would be densely packed, bringing in nearly 400 apartments, 55 feet high, over a thousand people and cars. It would drastically cut down retail and other uses, eliminate a working fishing wharf and eliminate the vast majority of public parking. So public recreational access would be necessarily reduced dramatically, in violation of Coastal Commission objectives and Oxnard goals, as well as what project opponents’ position that those who donated the land originally intended it for public use.

However, the proposal would provide needed housing and revenue to the County and the City. The County and developer have claimed that only such a dense residential development would be economically viable for this site., Yet, the property is held free and clear, without any tax burden.  The County has allowed the current buildings/facilities to badly run down.


Battle over Oxnard Fisherman’s Wharf redevelopment being fought out in the shadows

Battle over Oxnard Fisherman’s Wharf redevelopment being fought out in the shadows

By George Miller- Oxnard’s Fisherman’s Wharf was developed decades ago, under the auspices of Ventura County, which claims ownership of the lower Chanel Islands Harbor, where it is situated. An idyllic representation of a New England fishing village, it contains a working fishing wharf/processing facility, a lighthouse and shops/restaurants in a New England architectural style, […]


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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Lisa Carroway

From the meetings I have attended, it sounds like the County official that originally put the project out to bid was in error by violating the use restriction on the donated land. A title issue. The donated land being conditioned upon its future use for public purposes, not private enterprise. So the apartment developers that won the bid process need to simply choose other property for their project. Both the County and the developer (lessor and lessee) need to agree to terminate the lease. The county should find a different source of funds to perform maintenance on the existing buildings and rehab the area for public use as intended. The developers can acquire alternative private land for lease to complete their project which can be built away from the waterfront. – In my opinion.

Les Spiegel

Thanks to Oxnard for standing up to the County. The land is for public use not private development. The Harbor has a general plan for development but the current manager wants to develop the harbor is a piecemeal fashion thus ignoring the general plan. Hang in there Oxnard, the public and the Coastal Comm. are on your side.

William Hicks

The first question that comes to my mind….. is Fishermans Wharf solvent?