VC Harbor Dept tries to force Oxnard compliance on Fisherman’s Wharf project

By George Miller  

Lyn Krieger, Director of the Ventura County Harbor Department sent  a demanding, legalistic letter to Oxnard Planning Director Ashley Golden, insisting that the City change its Local Coastal Plan (LCP) to conform with its 2030 General Plan and claiming that state law requires them to do so. The intent is to force the City to accept the dense, 400 unit, 55 ft tall, apartment project, which is now called Urban Village. Local opponents say that it would adversely alter the character of the neighborhood, eliminate many trees, increase traffic congestion and create evacuation difficulties, reduce public coastal access and greatly reduce public parking. Advocates say it would provide needed housing and bring in many new residents with disposable income to spend and help reinvigorate business in the harbor.


Krieger wrote that the changes  are required by law and that it would permit the project to move forward. The project in question is a redo of the once idyllic, but now badly deteriorated and mostly abandoned Fisherman’s Wharf, at the corner of Channel Islands Boulevard and Harbor Boulevard. The site, although within City of Oxnard boundaries, is actually under the control of the County and is administered by the Harbor Department. If there ha sbeen any legal review by the City or project opponents, we are not aware of it.

The project was approved by the County Board of Supervisors on June 16. However, the Coastal Commission rejected the application as incomplete because it did not conform to  Oxnard’s Local Coastal Plan (LCP). The Commission generally frowns upon projects which would overly restrict coastal access. Local opponents say it would do just that- reduce the shoreline promenade and inshore public areas, dramatically reduce parking, including overflow for the  adjacent launching ramp as well as reduce scenic views.

The area’s VC District 5 Supervisor John Zaragosa told us in September that he enthusiastically supports the plan and feels that a great  service was done for the residents by reducing it from 800 units. A more dense project generally increases profitability for the developer and would also increase revenue for the County as well. There is a significant quality of life tradeoff for the neighbors , too, according to local opponents.

So, the next step would be to investigate the legal options.


10-19-16 update: We spoke to Oxnard Planning Director Ashley Golden last night, asking for her take on the Krieger letter. Her written response: “Don’t have a response yet. Need to do more research. My response will become a public record as soon as I hit send  .. lots of Internet and mourny pieces.”


VC Harbor Dept. Fishermans Wharf project update 10-6-16


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4 years ago

The city needs to comply with the terms of its own 2030 General Plan. Period. Obstructionists need to get out of the way, approve the LCP amendment and move on and strive for a vital, prosperous project.

William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

This is the future folks. As long as there’s this overt love of “open space” at the cost of a detached wall community, you will see planning commissions creating a vertical housing approach to “in-fill” your cities.

There will be people like Anne LaFianza for Thousand Oaks City Council that will decrease the “quality of life” with projects that protect open space for Bambi. All this while stating she wants to maintain “quality of life” while doing so.