VC Harbor Director retires, gets consulting contract to continue her unpopular “Fisherman’s Wharf” densification

Retiring Channel Islands Harbor Director and future consultant Lyn Krieger

By Tom Petersen


A new start- NOT

The Current Channel Islands Harbor, Harbor Director has announced that she is retiring in March. The county posted the application and qualifications needed for the new Harbor Director position yesterday. At the same time they announced that the CURRENT Harbor Director is to get a consulting contract (at the say pay scale she has now) to “finish overseeing” the Fisherman’s Wharf project. The Fisherman’s Wharf revitalization project has been going for many years with little positive movement forward, lots of community outrage and no real conclusion in site. After numerous starts and stops, the current group seems to have been given a 2 year extension after being thwarted by the California Coastal Commission and the City of Oxnard.


  1. Why should there be a consultant to manage the job that a NEW Harbor Director should be overseeing since that person would be in charge of all county assets in the harbor? 
  2. Will the new Harbor Director be told that he/she will be in charge of all assets EXCEPT the wharf project?
  3. How long should the tax payers be paying a consultant to do a job that has been going on for years, was just granted 2 more years and has no real resolution or ending date? This consultant will be paid the SAME OR MORE salary for a NEW Harbor Director who would be doing the SAME job!

Channel Islands Harbor should be the jewel of the Central Coast, but it lacks a lot, deserves so much more and has the potential to be a major destination, not just a spot on a map/chart along the coast. There has always been a conflict of interest between the County as landlords and County as custodians of resources and safety for the public as a whole in the Harbor. Now there will be a new/added layer of conflict of interest.


Captain Tom Petersen

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Dotty Pringle
Dotty Pringle
3 years ago

Well said Tom! Nothing has changed!!
She is the caretaker of other people’s money, has Carte Blanche for numerous misrepresented amendments and no fiduciary responsibility. Clearly she could care less!! So she stays??? Mike Powers has lost his mind writing sweet things about Lyn! Did you see his memo?
We must go to Attorney General to
really get something truly done, and find the Enterprise Fund money for maintenance of Wharf. (New Patrol Boats possibly)
Lyn also handles real estate leases with NO REAL ESTATE creds. Dennis Heitmann just retired so now Lyn fills that position? What did he do for us?
Cannot count on small groups of some who want apartments or endorse political candidates either. There are much better and safer places for LA Style high rise apartments and it’s not on corner of CI Blvd., and Victoria Ave.