VC Resilient Draft Vulnerability Assessment Available for Public Review

The VC Resilient Draft Vulnerability Assessment evaluates sea level rise hazards including potential impacts to coastal resources through the year 2100. Please note that the report only considers the unincorporated areas and does not provide an evaluation of any of the local cities. 

The draft report will be open for public review and comment from now to June 10, 2018. The draft document can be downloaded in the link below and the report appendices can be downloaded from the project website (click here). Comments can be submitted to project planner Aaron Engstrom at the following email address: [email protected].

Click here for Draft Vulnerability Assessment
What’s New?

  • A new GIS Story Map is live on the project website and can also be accessed through this link. Look through the Story Map to learn more about VC Resilient and to interactively view the sea level rise maps online. 
  • The County held two public workshops on April 11th. The powerpoint presentations can be found on the project website.
The goal of the VC Resilient Coastal Adaptation Project (VC Resilient) is to develop a balanced and forward-thinking response to sea level rise based on informative and accurate sea level rise projections that span well into the future.

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