VC Star brushes off CD-26 congressional candidate

Mr. Dagnesses,

Thank you for the email and for sharing your thoughts with me, and those you have copied.

This being the Friday afternoon prior to the Tuesday election we do not plan any additional coverage of the 26th Congressional District campaign.

John Moore

Editor (VC Star)

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Rafael Dagnesses

Rafael Dagnesses

From: Rafael Dagnesses [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2016 3:32 PM
To: Moore, John <[email protected]>
Cc: (most area media)
Subject: To: Ventura County Star Re: Congresswoman Julia Brownley and the 2016 elections

Dear John,

I hear from way too many voters that the Ventura County Star seems to be a cheerleader for Congresswoman Julia Brownley.  I’d like to believe this is not true. As the editor of a major newspaper, I am sure your decision to select the best stories is a difficult one.  I write to encourage you to write about issues in the race for the 26th Congressional district and specifically issues related the dissemination of information.  Voters need to be informed because information empowers the population.

My opponent, Congresswoman Julia Brownley, has lied to the voters about the reasons she has not attended debates, has lied about her position on the V.A. Accountability Act HR 1994, and has lied about many other campaign issues.

For example, as you may know, she did not appear at the VFW Hosted Candidate Forum on October 8th at the Military Museum in Simi Valley.  She has continued to ignore their open invite to attend this forum while they have been very clear they would accommodate her schedule.

She was also a no show at three others debates despite receiving over 30-day advance notice.  She avoided a NAACP sponsored debate, a candidate forum at the Islamic Center of Thousand Oaks, and another one hosted by the Oxnard Clergy Council at the Elks Lodge in Oxnard which dealt primarily with the issues affecting the Hispanic community.  I was there for all four and ready to state my position, debate her, and allow the voters to decide.

Why would someone call themselves an advocate for Veterans and ignore such opportunities to address Veterans directly and the voters of the 26th Congressional District?  Why would anyone market themselves as an advocate for Veterans and then Vote NO on the V.A. Accountability Act HR 1994? Then ignores reporters who ask these questions.


See link to the Acorn story.


I personally challenged her to debate me on these important issues by handing her a letter.  See attached copy of a letter: (Served Julia in Person) I handed her on Wednesday night.  However, I doubt she will accept.

In addition to not appearing for debates and explaining her vote on HR 1994, it is important to address her racist attack against my family and me during the primary.  She said I was anti-Hispanic among other disgusting attacks.  She obviously was not aware that I am a Latino immigrant, my wife is half Mexican, and a large percentage of my friends are also minorities.  Maybe she also chose to ignore I was endorsed by the Spanish language newspaper El Latino.

The politics of division and fear is hurting this country and those who continue to espouse it should be exposed on either side of the political aisle.

Please accept my apologies, as you can see I have included others in this email.  I feel others need to be aware of what is happening in this election and campaign.

Best regards,

Rafael A. Dagnesses

Republican Nominee for the United States House of Representatives

California’s 26th Congressional District

805-668-1444 direct

November 2016 elections


Editor’s note:

We spoke to Mr. Dagnesses today. He says he has sent numerous press releases to the Star which haven’t been printed. He also says that the Star manages to turn around numerous other stories overnight. He indeed believes it is very biased. We hear that a lot from Republicans and Conservatives, but not much from Democrats. This publication publishes almost all political candidate news received in the Candidates Corner section, as we did this one.

When we asked him about Julia;s assertion that she helps veterans, he was derisive. A former USMC Gunnery Sargeant, he has also been heavily involved in veterans organizations and helping disabled veterans. He is aghast at the VA problems and the political posturing of politicians who have done very little to actually help veterans. He cites the problems of the local veterans’ medical facility in Brownley’s district in Oxnard, which she points with pride to. But it has the third worst record in the country, per Dagnesses. He mentioned that her purported veterans advocacy does not square with her voting against the VA Accountability Act. Dagnesses also pointed out that she has known for two years about DoD trying to claw back re-enlistment bonuses from National Guardsmen, but did nothing about it until it became a major campaign issue. See his campaign video below:


DagnessesDebateFinally, he pointed out that she has resisted all attempts to debate with or otherwise engage him, sticking to false attacks. He said that Brownley, who markets her dedication to veterans, should have accepted the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) candidate debate invitation. Instead, he claims, she ignored 5 attempts by the organization to invite her.



Note: (in Voter Guide) and El Latino Magazine endorsed Dagnesses:

Rafael Dagnesses: un latino para los latinos – El Latino

Oct 14, 2016 – Rafael Dagnesses: un latino para los latinos … Así él pone como ejemplo el hecho que su rival, Julia Brownley tiene la oficina en Westlake.

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Eileen Tracy
Eileen Tracy
3 years ago

Newspapers benefit for supporting the incumbent. Is anyione surprised?

William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
3 years ago

All MSM has had a habit of being partisan. That would be alright if it were just on the editorial page. They do little service to inform based on observable information.

I will not waste my time by suggesting that I “may” be unfair to most MSM. Their actions have exceeded their rules of pure journalism.