VC Supervisor Candidate says he employs hundreds of illegal, er, “undocumented immigrants”

By Cherie Lynnae Whitaker


I was listening to the “live” streaming of the Republican Women 
Federated meeting the County Supervisors Candidates meeting on Facebook, presented by T.J. McInturff.

I listened intently to Andy Waters, candidate, who is a farmer from the Moorpark area. I have heard good and bad, but now was the chance to hear his viewpoints.What I noticed, although he claims he attends all the county meetings, he had very little to say.When the questions hit, he opened up.This is when I really became concerned.

He employees 1800 people and admits most his people are undocumented, he believes in DACA, he wants his employees, some he has had employed 40 
years…still undocumented, who have had kids, and still are not 
citizens? Doesn’t that make him a criminal to our state and federal laws? 
It appears he adds to the states illegal community willingly to get his 
work done. He also admits he does no vetting on his employees.

Waters refuses to agree to spending limits the other 2 candidates 
agreed to, to keep it fair. Why hasn’t he invested in his own employees 
to become citizens? He says his employees pay taxes, how does he know 
that they do? Then he agrees with a person in the audience, when 
illegals come in they should wait in line like everyone else to become 
a citizen. OK, what about his 1800 employees, he doesn’t know whose 
illegal or not but admitted “most probably are undocumented” , but he 
pays them very well- between $20-25 an hour? Then he states because of 
them he “has become successful, and we all benefit, undocumented workers 
are a huge revenue source in California, nobody talks about that.” Say 
What??? And we foot the bill for their schooling, housing, education and 
whatever else, while we make minimum wages in the food industry, retail, 
and most construction workers?

He is so concerned how the county takes money from the taxpayers for 
unreasonable expenses, and keeps running the taxes up, but won’t work on 
the highways, especially to “Costco” where he shops.

He seemed very unsure of himself, and rattled on aimlessly, mumbling and 
stuttering as if he just was “sticking his foot in the race” for 
notoriety. I was certainly concerned just listening to his attitude. I 
am more concerned about HIS work ethics, and how he will represent in 
the county. I have way too many questions and red flags from this 

Bob Huber on the other hand, was well informed on county needs and 
improvements. He was soft spoken, with a plan and the energy to 
represent the needs of the East County, and making sure Simi Valley and 
Moorpark are well represented on a county level. Huber seems very solid 
keeping to the law, as a former lawyer and City Mayor, I think he has 
well earned the position he seeks.

It was hands down who won this debate, at least to me.


Editor’s note: The Simi Valley City Council will be discussing the potential impact of federal litigation regarding California’s refusal to enforce immigration law or cooperate with federal authorities tonight, April 23.

Cherie Whitaker is a Simi Valley publicist in entertainment & charities

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