VCMC sends mixed signals regarding masking and COVID vaccine protocols

by Chris Bailey

1 September 2021, Ventura County

A Ventura County mediation specialist  used his professional skillset to find a way to visit his mother, who was admitted for observation to Santa Paula Hospital after a fall at her home. Kevin Daly was asked and agreed to wear a N95 mask when he entered VCMC at 300 Hillmont Ave, Ventura, CA the evening prior, to visit his mother who transported there earlier that evening. 

Problems with access to his mom began the following day. Mr. Daly was informed she was scheduled to move to the County facility in Santa Paula, for continued observation. When Mr. Daly attempted a visit in Santa Paula at 825 N 10th St, Santa Paula, CA, he was informed by staff that without proof of vaccination or a COVID Negative test within 72 hours of his visit, visits in their facility are prohibited. Naturally, Kevin questioned this, as he had visited his mom at the Ventura VCMC facility the evening before. His objection resulted in an escort from the Santa Paula hospital by security personnel, and threats with trespass if he returned unvaccinated. He was forced to visit with his mother through a window. Kevin's mom resting comfortably

On his exit from the Santa Paula hospital, he took the following picture of the placard which outlined the facility policy.Santa Paula Hospital COVID policy

Mr Daly stated hospital staff did not mask his mother at either facility, as evident in her photo in her Santa Paula room. She was transported without a mask to both facilities via EMT personnel. He was given a vented N95 mask(which protect only the wearer) for his visit in Ventura with no other requirements. Hospital personnel were wearing surgical(non N95) masks at both facilities, which have very low efficacy to stop ANY contagion. 

Upon his removal from the Santa Paula facility, Kevin contacted Ventura County District 1 Supervisor Matt Levere, and learned through an email exchange there is no such vaccination requirement in Ventura County facilities. In short order, he received a phone call from the Nursing Supervisor in Santa Paula that confirmed a vaccination was NOT required for visitors. In addition, Sherri Block RN, who headed the Nursing Department in Ventura County called Mr Daly and clarified as well there is no requirement of vaccination to visit a patient in ANY County facility. 

Kevin Daly expects to visit his mom with no further conflict with medical staff, and his decision to stand up for his need to visit his mother at the hospital is a testament to question rules which seem arbitrary, overly restrictive, and NOT supported with science. 

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Ventura County

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Gayle Washburn

Thank you Kevin Daly for doing the right thing. I experienced similar at CMH last week. I was able to go in to take my sister to surgery and later that day for a visit. The next day I was stopped at the door and not allowed in. Tragic that our loved ones have to be alone when hospitalized.

Dotty Pringle

Lack of leadership in such an important time of getting things right….. seems the ones who make up their own rules, need to be held accountable for intentional confusion and be placed in training or fired. Lots of businesses are running on brainless ideas coming from some who don’t really care about humanity only themselves. Notice those who preach but do not practice own rules and who are entitled…..and then have a visitor escorted out of a hospital. Who will be responsible for finalizing TRUE guidelines or are they just going to pick on certain people as they wish? Whoever implemented that rule needs to be fired!
This gentleman and his mother deserve an apology!!

William Hicks

Minor correction Dotty……It’s not just lack of leadership but poor leadership and communication skills. Add to that power hungry leadership that chooses to make their own rules in spite of the facts.


These articles will surely give you a headache. I’m pretty sure liquid physics engineers don’t have a political point of view.

C E Voigtsberger

It is my suspicion that some percentage over 90% of the masks worn by everybody do little if anything to prevent the spread of the pseudodemic. This is especially true for masks worn repeatedly and for masks that don’t seal the face. I see so many people withe the masks under their noses which renders the mask useless as a protective device.


The best thing masks do is separate the nuts from the normal folks. I’ll keep my mask. Most followers is this site won’t read this.

William Hicks

From what I’ve read, 85% of those that contracted the virus were wearing masks.

Dori Sampson

Hallelujah! This is a great step in taking our rights seriously! These people seem to think that their made up rules are valid. They are not. Keep standing Patriots. This is not over.

Kevin Daly

Thanks Dori,
The doctors and nurses are wearing surgical masks at these facilities that do not protect the patients from being infected from the doctors and nurses who are giving off the spike proteins from the Covid19 vaccine, thereby infecting patients with the Covid19 virus.

William Hicks

I read your posted article Dori. Certainly the folks that contracted the virus while wearing a mask are comforted by your article. I will keep my mask, too; I’ll hang it from my rearview mirror.