Ventura activist questions vendor selection for Mound Basin Aquifier study


By Dan Cormode

Re: 2017 08 07 Agenda Item 7 Mound Basin Storage & Recovery Study 

Ventura Council:  Why was Bondy Groundwater Consulting selected for performing the Mound Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery Study instead of Hopkins Groundwater Consulting since Hopkins Groundwater Consultants has been conducting studies of the Mound Groundwater Basin since 2009?

1.  Ventura Water is requesting approval and authorization from the Mayor to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Bondy Groundwater Consulting, Inc. for services associated with performing the Mound Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery Study; August 11, 2017 thru December 31, 2018; not to exceed $175,000, including a $20,240 contingency.

2.  The Hydrogeological Study for the Mound Well 2 Siting Study of April 2009 performed by Hopkins Groundwater Consulting identified the existence of a brackish bloom within the Mound Groundwater Basin and recommended future study to determine the significance of its occurrence and potential it may have to impact existing groundwater supplies.

3.  The City expended $220,000 over 8 years for Hopkins Groundwater Consultants to conduct a condition review and determine the safe yield of the Mound Basin:

a.  Task 8 to Professional Services Agreement PS2010-56 alludes to the fact that a well siting study was previously conducted by Hopkins to locate Mound Well No.2 and inconjunction with yield study, the City would like to investigate the poor water quality plume that was located during the Mound Well No.2 siting study. 

b.  Task 8 to Professional Services Agreement PS2012-070 is essentially worded the same as Task 8 to Professional Services Agreement PS2010-56.

c.  Task7 to the FY15-FY17 Profesional Services is essentially the same as the previous Professional Services Agreements but states based on available data the City would like finalize its review of the estimated amount of the basin yield that can be relied upon for City use.

4.  The City Council, at its 13 July 2015 Meeting, approved and authorized the City Manager to execute a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with Hopkins Groundwater Consultants, Inc. for well design and drilling services associated with the Mound Well 2 which will be located at the County Government Center near the intersection of Hill St. and Telephone Road, for an amount not-to-exceed $86,895, including a $8,700 contingency.

Daniel Cormode



Daniel Cormode is a Ventura resident and the Chairman of the Planning & Development Committee for The East Ventura Community Council. He  has dedicated his life to researching Ventura water issues.

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