Ventura Aloha Beach Festival scene

By George Miller

We go to various festivals all the time. Most are cookie cutter affairs, with the same booths, same food, etc. This year’s Ventura Aloha Beach Festival was unique: salty sea, laid-back beach atmosphere, full of surfers, beach people, Hawaiian dancers, unique craft and photo exhibits.

There were plenty of events the “Aloha Stage,” K9 and people frisbee, surfing contest

There was a wide selection of good stuff this year. But I’ll have to say that the best food was the East Coast style pizza by Rock ‘n Roll Pizza of Moorpark.  I can honestly say it IS the best pizza I’ve had in California, although not “The Best Pizza West of the Hudson River,” as claimed. Don’t recall seeing any Hawaiian food there.

MuguAirShow9-26-15 105

There were some very authentic-looking dancing and singing acts at the Ventura Aloha Beach Festival. Photo:

MuguAirShow9-26-15 020

Scene on the Promenade at Ventura Aloha Beach Festival. Photo:

The surfing contest on Saturday was plagued by, well, really small surf. But that improved on Sunday,

MuguAirShow9-26-15 066

Saturday women’s surfing competition at ventura Aloha Beach Festival. Photo:


MuguAirShow9-26-15 013


MuguAirShow9-26-15 083

Vince “Venturan” Felix and his Ventuckyians were there in force at the Ventura Aloha Beach Festival. Photo:


MuguAirShow9-26-15 098

This is VERY good pizza. Company is based in Moorpark.


MuguAirShow9-26-15 086

The guys don’t come to Ventura just for the surf. Photo:

MuguAirShow9-26-15 003

MuguAirShow9-26-15 025

MuguAirShow9-26-15 107


MuguAirShow9-26-15 099

Face painting at Ventura Aloha Festival, 9-26-15, Photo:

MuguAirShow9-26-15 054


MuguAirShow9-26-15 089

MuguAirShow9-26-15 081

MuguAirShow9-26-15 044


MuguAirShow9-26-15 036-1


MuguAirShow9-26-15 010-1



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