Ventura City Council Candidates | Who They Are

Many new arrivals and their statements

By Lori Denman

It is good to know the numerous candidates running for City Council in Ventura and more important to know their life experience and what they stand for.

Here is a precise list of the candidates, along with their information and issues. Mail-in ballots will be sent on or around October 8.

This will be the first time for district-based elections, following a lawsuit that claimed that the voting system of city of Ventura was not representing minorities within each district. Since the switch has been completed from at-large to district representation, the candidates must live in their districts. The question is… will voters approve of the candidates in their districts and will they be satisfied with them after elections?

While there are seven districts in Ventura, only 1, 4, 5, and 6 will vote Nov. 6 and the other districts – 2, 3 and 7 –  will vote in 2020.

Regarding City Council, there are three seats opening up for this Nov. 6 elections. One is that of James Monahan, who will be stepping down. It is said that Erik Nasarenko is the only incumbent seeking another term. On Nov. 6, Neil Andrews’ seat will also be up for re-election and Mike Tracy as well.

San Buenaventura (City of Ventura) for Member of the City Council, District 1

  1. Marco Cuevas, Student. No statement in the Candidate Statement of Qualifications for the general municipal election section.Email: [email protected]
  2. Kevin Clerici, Nonprofit Executive Director of Downtown Ventura Partners, a downtown improvement district. “My experience gives me unique understanding of how City policies impact all of us. I have a proven record of helping others, protecting our environment and improving our business climate by listening to and honoring job creators, small businesses and working families.” – Candidate Statement of Qualifications for the general municipal election. Other issues: housing crunch, homelessness, local water supplies, and public safety.; Email: [email protected]
  3. Sofia Rubalcava, Translator. “You want increased services and infrastructure to support the health and well-being of our families, children, seniors, neighbors and local businesses. I hear you. I want the same thing.”; Email: [email protected]
  4. Irene V. Henry, Business Owner, Insurance Risk Professional. “I will be able to understand and negotiate the complex management, business and legal issues presented in City Council and make certain intelligent long term solutions and choices for the West End and Downtown, that they are properly considered and receive fair share of resources.”; (805) 650-9900

San Buenaventura (City of Ventura) for Member of the City Council, District 4

  1. Erik Nasarenko (Incumbent). Councilmember, Senior Prosecutor, Democrat. Issues: public safety, clean water, rebuilding of roads, additional police and fire.
  2. Ed Alamillo, Environmental Vector Technician. “As a candidate I am pledging half of my city salary to services like after school programs for working families and to other essential programs that benefit our community. I’m concerned about my neighborhood’s terrible roads, sidewalks, increased water rates and diminishing city services.”; Email: [email protected]
  3. Spencer Noren, Small Business Owner. “I seek election to council to provide leadership on the Eastside of Ventura, while increasing the quality of life for all residents of our city. I look to accomplish solutions, with community input on many issues.” Issues: Kimball Park completion, develop East End retail, increase water quality, address traffic infrastructure.; Email: [email protected]
  4. Mike Marostica, Senior Police Officer, City of Oxnard; Ventura Parks and Recreation Commission member; founder of the local chapter of RAD (Rape Aggression Defense). “It is very important to me that we work regionally on issues, like housing, economic development, disaster preparedness and especially homelessness, if we want solid, short and long term solutions.”; (805) 798-3866
  5. Wayne Morgan, Retired Engineer. Email: [email protected]
  6. Alec Gasca, 21, Student, Pharmacy Clerk. “As a student of education, receiving my Bachelors of the Arts in 2019, I have a passion to create a better world for all of us, young and old, through lifelong learning.” Email: [email protected]

San Buenaventura (City of Ventura) for Member of the City Council, District 5

  1. Marie Lakin, Nonprofit President of Arts Ventura. “This is the town I have chosen to raise my family in. Our quality of life is important to me. My priorities include: sustainable solutions for our water shortage, managing our homelessness and vagrancy issues; tackling our high crime rate; bringing good businesses to Ventura and more.”; Email: [email protected]
  2. Jim Friedman, Small Business Owner/Financial Planner, Previous City Council member (1995-2003); Mayor (’97-’99). “Your safety of your family and friends is my absolute number one priority. If we don’t feel safe in our community, we don’t have a community. My second priority is generating additional revenues through economic development and not more taxes and fees, that will help pay for additional public safety officers as well as fixing our neglected streets and sidewalks.”; Email:[email protected]
  3. Jack Lloyd Selby, Student. No statement. Email:[email protected]

San Buenaventura (City of Ventura) for Member of the City Council, District 6

  1. Charles Kistner Jr., Campaign Manager. Issues: affordable water, well maintained streets, cleaner and safer pier and promenade, greater job and business opportunities.; Email: [email protected]
  2. Lorrie Brown, Management Assistant/Educator, Substitute Teacher. “Push for sidewalks in Montalvo, fight for an ALDI’s on the Eastside, promote the revitalization of Johnson Retail Plazas and discourage dangerously high-rise apartment buildings and other issues.” Issues: represent our working class, promote fair economic development, protect hillsides from developers. Website: brownforventura.com



Lori Denman has been a professional journalist since 1996. She has worked as associate editor for the Los Angeles Daily News TODAY Magazines and has freelanced for LA Weekly, and more. She is now the Ventura reporter for Citizens Journal.

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Marie Lakin

Here’s the link to my campaign website. It’s much better than my personal Facebook page if voters are researching.