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    Ventura County Astronomical Society Holiday Message

    To all VCAS Members and Friends:

    I want to make this brief since the Holidays are Nigh 🌠

    2019 was an astronomical year for VCAS. Public Participation and donations were at an all time high due to our theme for 2019: 50 Years Since Apollo 11. Before I announce our theme for 2020 let me give one last push to 2 major events:

    1 – JWST Tours are still ongoing. Even if you don’t plan to go on a tour send Phil Regier a thank-you email for his tireless passion for what we’re all about: Astronomy!

    Here’s the current tour schedule [more to follow]

    Tour – Date – Arrive by – Available [all dates are Mondays]
    36 – 12/23/2019 – 09:30 – 3 openings
    37 – 1/6/2020 – 09:30 – 12 openings
    [email protected]  

    (805) 404-4734
    Thanks! — Phil Regier

    2 – We still have room for the Holiday Bash

    To buy your tickets Click on this link: 
    And use this password

    {$25 for adults, $13 children 12 and under}

    3 – Lastly, Our theme for 2020

    There are no huge events in astronomy in 2020, not like this year with the Apollo 50th Anniversary Celebration.

    However: There are plenty of Women who are unsung heroes in astronomy both past and present

    Also… 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage.  So we’re tying the 2 together:

    In Recognition of 100 Years Of Women’s Suffrage

    Ventura County Astronomical Society Celebrates

    The Women of Astronomy

    Bear in mind that VCAS is an Astronomy Club. However, this year [2019] we celebrated the accomplishment of 3 men who would never have succeeded in landing on the moon if it weren’t for the dedicated work of thousands of individuals; many of them women. Next year [2020] we will focus on the unsung women Heroes in astronomy.

    Join Us in this celebration. We kick off the year with Dr. Christine Corbett on Friday, January 24. She’ll let us know how we, both young and old, male and female, can contribute to big data astronomy from our own PCs and even smart phone. I’ll see you there at the Moorpark College Forum.

    1 Favor I ask of you: Let us know how we’re doing. We’re always looking to add value to your membership. What would you like to see VCAS provide for you in 2020? And if you don’t mind, please chime in on our theme for 2020.

    Ventura County Astronomical Society

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