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    Ventura County BOS Awarded $60 Million To A Communist China Genetics Firm

    Column by Judy Bruce of Simi Valley

    This public comment is written to alert you to an urgent and perilous situation that places our county and the people who elected you in danger. This has to do  with the $60- million dollars you awarded to a COVID testing company called Fulgent Genetics which clearly has ties to the communist government of China. 

    Let’s set aside for a moment that the CDC has admitted they have no evidence of a SARS Cov 2 virus, therefore why are you awarding $60 million to a company to test for a virus that doesn’t even exist? If they are not testing for a virus, then what are they doing? I think LA Sheriff Villenueva has an idea, because he told the LA County BOS that he has cut ties with the COVID testing provider due to disturbing information which was revealed to him regarding the background, policies, and connections to the Chinese government.

    This action by the L.A. Sheriff to cut ties with Fulgent Genetics was because of a warning by the FBI to all L.A. County leaders including the head of the Public Health Department. The FBI held a briefing with them to convey “the serious risk associated with allowing Fulgent to conduct COVID-19 testing” of county employees. The Sheriff asserted the firm is connected to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences which is under the control of the Peoples’ Republic of Communist China.  The Sheriff claimed that the DNA data is “not guaranteed to be safe and secure” and that the FBI warned the information is likely to be shared with China.  Fulgent Genetics allegedly has “strong ties” with Chinese technology and genomics companies. 

    Fulgent Genetics states very clearly on their website that they “may store, process and transmit personal information in locations around the world including locations outside the country or jurisdiction where you are located.”  The website further states “If you do not want your information transferred to or processed or maintained outside of the country or jurisdiction where you are located, you should not use our Services. The Sheriff further stated, “entering into a no-bid contract with this company and allowing them to have the DNA data obtained from mandatory COVID-19 testing, for unknown purposes, has shattered all confidence my personnel have in this entire process under the county mandate”.

    Equally disturbing is the fact that the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies contract with Fulgent Genetics. A contract was awarded to Fulgent Genetics in March by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide genomic sequencing of random positive samples, according to the Los Angeles Times. Villanueva said in his letter that the company makes no attempt to disguise the fact that they will use the genetic information obtained in future studies.”    

    The L.A. County Sheriff says that he has butted heads before with the powers-that-be in California over the “pandemic”.  He has previously asserted that he will not comply with nor enforce the vaccine mandate.  Because employees are willing to get fired rather than comply, he doesn’t want to be in a position to lose 5-10% of his workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate”.   

    By the way, the sheriff is strongly supported in his stance against Fulgent Genetics.  Over the last several weeks, he has been contacted by multiple L.A. County employees who are furious about Fulgent Genetics disclaimer about sharing their medical information outside the United States. All 100,000+ L.A. County employees are mandated to register with Fulgent. 

    “The LA county BOS is in collusion with a communist foreign nation.  How disturbing to whore your positions this way?”  “Why would they hire a genetics firm for covid testing!! Something is fishy.”   “So, the people making rules for us don’t vet the companies they use to implement the rules.  Almost like they have no idea what they are doing.”  These sentiments match mine exactly!! 

    Please advise how you plan to remedy this peril involving the warning of the FBI about Fulgent Genetics and their ties to the Chinese Communist Party. So, what’s the real danger? The danger is that Fulgent admits in their own documents they are collecting data to create nightmarish new bioweapons that will target race and ethnicity!

    What are you thinking? Think of the amount of good $60-million dollars could do in our County to help the homeless, jobless, etc. Where are your priorities? This is proof you don’t work for us; in fact, you work against us! Have you gone insane? Sixty million dollars, and people are living under freeway passes going hungry, and citizens are losing jobs, all over a false pandemic! Is that how you are keeping the people safe? Your behavior is shameful.    

    The obvious remedy, of course, is that you rescind all contracts with Fulgent Genetics immediately.  If you don’t, you are admitting you approve of putting your own County employees in very serious danger!!  God help the Ventura County employees if you don’t cut ties with Fulgent like Sheriff Villanueva did!   

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