Ventura County COVID-19 stats show it is time to open up



Ventura County Board of Supervisors Aug. 18 Special Meeting Agenda Item #4:

Email Comments in Support of Pastor Rob McCoy and Godspeak Calvary

Submitted to Ventura County: [email protected]

Dear Board of Supervisors:

Submitted in this email are two graphics presented on the Ventura County Emergency data site under (Ventura County).  The data shows that Ventura County can reopen:

  • Total Population: 852,747
  • New Cases: 1,394 (last 14 days: 163.5 per 100K)

(Note: The 14-Day Case Rate has dropped from 163.5 to 144 to 124 in the last 3 reporting days. This is a decrease of 24.46 percent.)

  • 9,408 Total cases (.011 percent of population)
  • 19 New Deaths (last 14 days: 2.2 per 100K)
  • 96 Total Deaths (.00011 of population/.010 of total cases)
  • 2 Total Deaths (Newbury Park: .02 percent of total county deaths)
  • 0 New Deaths (last 14 days in Camarillo, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Santa Rosa Valley, Somis, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village)
  • 36,871 Tests (last 14 days: 3.8% test positively/3.1 daily per 1,000 residents)
  • 99 Hospitalized COVID-19 patients (8 hospitals: Decrease of 20 patients: -16.8 percent)
  • 31 ICU COVID-19 (Increase of 6 patients: 24 percent increase)
  • 34 percent ICU beds available
  • 76 percent ventilators available
  • 1,734,900 N-95 respirators distributed
  • 8,439,800 procedure masks distributed
  • 397,770 gowns distributed
  • 324,692 face shields distributed
  • 10 New Cases of COVID-19 in Newbury Park (91320 zip code: .035 percent of total cases)
  • 279 Total Cases of COVID-19 in Newbury Park (91320 zip code: .0065 percent ofpopulation: 45,520)

Ventura County stats have flat-lined. A Ventura County lockdown is producing greater economic and mental health (psychological) harm than any physical harm. The unwarranted health fear pushed onto Ventura County residents has been overtaken by the damage Ventura County has done to its businesses and job market. Voters will remember that the Ventura County Board of Supervisors bears this economic responsibility. Ventura County citizens request that the County submit paperwork requesting to be removed from the California Monitoring List.


Michael Hernandez

Newbury Park Resident 


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Steven Gama
Steven Gama
8 months ago

For me, it was having to delay radiation treatments because the State determined it was “non-essential”. The “state” did allow the most ill cancer patients to get their treatments, but, for those of us trying to not be the “most ill”, we were non essential. The most outrageous aspect of my beef is that any oncology and or radiation provider is the absolute best practitioner of universal precautions! They have to be in their line of work! But, in the mind of the California State Legislators, liquor stores and dispensaries are better equipped to practice universal precautions. Let my beef settle in on you! How would like it if it was your mom dad or child?

8 months ago

This is just more of the same, to see just how far the out of control left has gotten. To kill thousands of loved ones isolated and alone in Nursing Homes run by Democratic Governors and those numbers are doubling. You say political I say hatred of a individual, for not getting there way. Every word out of those mouths against the sitting President of the United States, are mirrored in the lefts own actions. Those actions are the hatred spun up by the media for the ill informed against you and I. Since when did we have such unlawfulness people being dragged out of there vehicles and beaten, not since Reginal Deny was dragged out of his Semi in broad daylight cause of Rodney King verdict.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is all about and lots of it. As Senseless Joe likes to say, it’s for the control of your soul. Believe every word of it. The powers to be have been at this for hundreds of years(go ahead laugh, I wish I could fill in the blanks, you will have to do that) the last piece of the puzzle was Hillary. When she lost and she did, but no one ever expected Donald Trump to win and he did. You will see in time just how many times they tried to assassinate him. At this point what I can say is two definite things that will happen one if the incumbent President shall loose prepare yourselves for the darkest of times, for those who hailed a false idol have been lied to and all shall pay the price of poverty and desperation. Upon the President re-election you will see a contingency plan like know other havoc in the streets mass rioting, some out of fear, anger, and frustration. The other a paid diversionary tactic, so those who have already been indicted charged and awaiting arrest might have a chance to escape the country mass chaos and confusion along with power outages.
You need to do your own research, stop watching main stream media you are smarter than a empty box that bombards you daily with misinformation.

William Hicks
William Hicks
8 months ago

I prefer to go straight to my own county supervisor, Linda Parks, with my complaints. Particularly Considering she’s one of the culprits.


Carole Levy
Carole Levy
8 months ago

Enough of this nonsense. Ventura death from this virus is far below death from so many other illnesses. 96 people,mostly very elderly have died. In 6 months. This is not constitutional or rational. They need to open everything immediately

Michael A.
Michael A.
8 months ago

We are not a nation of Karens. It’s time to loosen it up and open it up.

Citizen Reporter
8 months ago

To Board of Supervisors:

For 8-18 Special Meeting- Stop wrongheaded COVID-19 approach and persecution of CCG/Rob McCoy

I am opposed to The Ventura County Board of Supervisors and the Health officer persecuting churches, currently Sr. Pastor Rob McCoy of Calvary Chapel Godspeak and call for you to stop it immediately.

1. The COVID-19 pandemic is not the bubonic plague. It is no more serious than previous pandemics. Deaths are declining.

2. The approach to dealing with this all is absurd. Originally, it was going to be a couple of weeks, the total incubation period of CVOVID-19, to “flatten the curve” to keep the situation manageable at hospitals. So, it’s manageable now. But the various “lockdowns” go on and on- 5+ months, are rescinded, then re-imposed. The proper approach is to quarantine sick and exposed people and isolate those at most risk- old, sick people- not shut down the nation and destroy the economy. An unprecedented approach to a recurring problem.

3. Governments are succeeding in destroying a $22 TRILLION economy. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are being destroyed, 10’s of millions of jobs lost, depression, mental illnesses, domestic violence and suicides and personal financial ruin are way up. People are losing their savings, homes, health care, food supply and peace of mind. Governments have borrowed trillions to shore things up, but it is causing their financial ruin too and a monetary crisis as well.

4. The County and state seem to have a special energy and animus toward houses of worship. Liquor stores, pot shops, abortion mills and many other things are considered essential, while faith is not. Opponents say why not just have outdoor services? Well those have been banned at various times, too. Who’s to say some bureaucrat won’t ban them again tomorrow. Singing is now banned too. Just how many deaths are attributable to CCG being open since May?

STOP this insanity- NOW!

George Miller

8 months ago


8 months ago

I totally agree, especially hair and nail salons m. They have taken all the required precautions and modified their work environment. My only concern at this time is gyms and bars. The young people are outta control and they pose the biggest threat to our community. They’ve proven their immaturity and are not capable of acting like adults in these situations.

C. Collier
C. Collier
8 months ago
Reply to  Navarro

You mean the same group of people that gathered by the thousands at the protests, mostly unmasked (except for those committing most of the crimes) and with no social distancing?

Gee, I wonder. Was it the bars opening or the protests that caused the surge? Hmmmmm. I’m voting for the protests.

8 months ago
Reply to  C. Collier

It is negligent to not open. Get Ventura open and businesses back, the ones that are still able to open and not gone out of business.