Ventura County| One of State’s Driest Counties

After a lot of rain in 2019 all of California was out of the major drought situation it had been in for years.  Snow pack was at 120% of the yearly average.  However, 2020 has had about half its normal rainfall through this time of the rainy season. 
The forecast for the next couple of years is that rainfall will be less than the yearly average but not as bad as the drought years in this decade.  Learning from the last drought we should immediately start on a conservation program even before the city or state announce such a plan again.
Another reason to conserve water is to save money.  Statewide water rates are going up and with Ventura County being one of driest counties that means our prices could be one of the highest. 
Port Hueneme City Council has adopted a new water rate scale for its water users.  The old rate charged the same for commercial use and private use plus a fixed monthly rate for metered residential homes. 
The new plan will lower the water usage rate on residences and raise the rate on commercial users.  This plan rewards those of us that conserve our water use and non conserving users will pay more.  Also, the fixed monthly rate will be reduced. 
This plan for Port Hueneme residents is plenty of incentive to start conseving now.  Conserving water in all Ventura County cities will help all of us save money and our precious water.
Check out the Port Hueneme city website to get the details of the new water rate plan. Type in the “how can we help” area “new water rates”  then click on Fact Sheet for info or go to Port Hueneme facebook page to get overview.

Source: Hueneme Voice

Tom Dunn is the publisher of Hueneme Voice

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Wonderful climate and soil, 4 growing seasons.