Ventura County Parents Move Against School Vaccine Mandate

by Chris Bailey

09 October 2021, Ventura County California

Concerned Ventura County parents are taking to the streets on October 15 2021 to protest mandated COVID-19 shots for school children. The protest will be held at the Ventura Unified School District office on Stanley in Ventura, CA

An added twist to the protest is organizers are advocating to remove your children from the school system for the day, to prevent your school district from collecting daily State funding which is calculated on classroom occupancy. A quick review of the cost to a school district determined that there is no quick way to determine how much it costs a school when a child stays away from school per day. Vague numbers range between $27 to $67 per day, but that is based on very weak reporting from the Mainstream news. Based on the minimum number of instructional days in California Public Schools being set at 180, the dollars lost due to one absence varies from $79.44 in the Santa Paula District to $55.30 in the Pleasant Valley District. Thank you, Tom!

Since 1998 California law has required a student be physically in class for a school district to receive reimbursing funds from the State Treasury. Excused or unexcused absences are not separated, and cost each school district regardless of the reason a child isn’t in attendance. 

To be clear, the Parent’s Choice Protest is advocating that whether you come to the protest in Ventura or not, pulling your child from school that day will send a strong message to your school district that you do not approve of what is being taught to your children. 

Due to the National School Board Association request for assistance with unruly parents at school board meetings, President Biden has put the Justice Department on the request by establishing a Task Force to look into school board violence. At approximately the same time as the parent outrage over Critical Race Theory and Progressive Sex Education in the classroom took hold, a meme has gone viral. Let’s Go Brandon was first coined by an inept ESPN reporter who was trying to throw shade on a chant that was floating across the airwaves while she was interviewing the winner of a NASCAR Crown Series winner, Brandon Brown

Enterprising parents have made some interesting memes that embody the #FJB movement in a way that can empower any student. As a parent who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “These SCREAM make me a t-shirt, Man!”

Citizens Journal will report on the advertised peaceful protest at the VUSD protest. Anyone who would like to sign a protest petition in solidarity with parents in Ventura County can do so by contacting the organizers at

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo


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There will be another rally Monday, Oct. 18th!

teachers & students k-12 stay home

communicate the absence is in response to the vaccine mandate


5189 Verdugo Way

Diane King

I kept my kids out of school on Friday before I knew about this event. I already told the school they weren’t feeling good that day. Is it too late to change my story or does it even matter. I don’t consent to vaccine mandates. I’m on board with what you are doing here.


The minimum number of instructional days in California Public Schools is 180.

Based on this number, the dollars lost due to one absence varies from $79.44 in the Santa Paula District to $55.30 in the Pleasant Valley District.

Mike Smith

1. Remove your children from this anti-family, unconstitutional system.

2. Decide on an ethical, American values-based alternative.

3. Pay your childrens’ tuition with freed-up money from any wasteful ‘nice-to-haves’ (that need to go anyway), from the childrens’ inheritance, from long-term emergency savings, or combination thereof.

  • Most Americans’ parents have more money than they do — including Millenial parents. If your parents can honestly chip in where you cannot, but refuse to do so, shame on them.

4. If you are conservative AND keep your children in anti-family schooling –and your children alienate you completely– you have only yourself to blame.

George Pattone

Time to stand up against forced medical tyranny and the fearful Covidiots that have allowed the psy op to affect them negatively…