Ventura County Republican Party Endorses Kelly Long for Supervisor District 3

cialis arial, cialis sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>Former president of the Pleasant Valley School Board Kelly Long was endorsed by the Ventura County Republican Party last night held by the Central Committee with a supermajority vote.

“Kelly Long is exactly the kind of person we need in County government. She has an impressive background as a small business person, a parent who is deeply involved in our communities and a leader on education issues,” said Republican Party Chairman Mike Osborn. “Her commitment to reform and making the right investments in our community is what residents are looking for in the Board of Supervisors.” 

“I am looking forward to being a common-sense voice on the Board of Supervisors, making sure that we are managing taxpayers’ money efficiently, pressing reforms on how we run government, and encouraging economic growth,” said Long. 

Kelly Long is the past president of the Pleasant Valley School Board, with school-aged children.  She is a small businesswoman and mechanical engineer, and has six U.S. patents.  She is running for Board of Supervisors as a fiscal conservative focused on the best policies for our families and our communities.  



Kelly Long and Family



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William "Bill" Hicks

There are a lot of people running for the 3rd County Supervisors seat. IF, Long and Grau prevail in the contest, we could see a major change in the direction of County Government. Maybe, even a change in the incestuous relationship between public sector union influence among the County supervisor’s decision making.