Ventura County Sheriff’s “milque toast” response to latest stay-at-home order

Editor’s Note: Please consider how other sheriffs, those in Riverside and Orange Counties, are addressing the governor’s latest stay at home orders, boldly and in defense of law abiding citizens.  Upon review of this release by our sheriff it does not appear that Ayub will be championing the rights of Ventura County citizens. Apparently he will rely on, “Voluntary compliance” by residents for an order by Newsom that is really an extreme, and quite egregious, overreach of governmental authority.  The governor’s so called orders are not law.  This release is very disappointing. 

Since Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement earlier this week about stricter stay-at-home orders and the changes in some business activities, many people have asked how our agency will handle enforcement.

“Our approach to enforcement of the continuously-evolving health orders has not changed from the onset of the pandemic,” said Sheriff Bill Ayub. “Our approach is one of educating the public of the health orders and encouraging compliance with them.”

Deputies have not issued any citations or made any arrests for violations of the public health orders to date. Ventura County residents have shown a high level of compliance with the orders, and those who have violated the orders have reacted favorably when contacted by our deputies.

“Enforcement has always been an option for our staff to use with considerable discretion,” Sheriff Ayub said. “However, our primary goal is to seek voluntary compliance whenever possible. We cannot police our way out of a pandemic. We are going to get through it by taking personal responsibility to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our community safe and healthy.”

The regional stay at home order, which will go into effect tonight at midnight, can be found here:

The order will affect the entire Southern California region for at least three weeks. We ask that everyone do their part to avoid situations that may contribute to the spread of COVID19.

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Happy Realist
Happy Realist
4 months ago

“Voluntary compliance” = the left-wing mob will enforce Newsom’s order.

If you live in Ventura County, and are not equipped to constitutionally self-protect life, liberty and property… (including that of family)… ADAPT. Now.

When terror hits home, the police are too far away to “defend” you.

5 months ago

What is the role of the police if not to ensure safety? I have a mother with one lung and thus immuno compromised. If she dies because I came into contact with a careless citizens, how do I reach out to those persons to invite them to the funeral as guests of honor in her death?

4 months ago

Shutting down a $22 trillion dollar economy for a very small percentage of the most at risk people is insane because of what it will do to the rest. The only thing that makes any sense is to help isolate those most at risk- YOUR responsibility. By the way, tens of millions of case with the current approach.