Ventura County Test Scores Hold Steady After Prior Year’s Increase

English Learners Show Continued Improvement

Ventura County students largely held on to gains made last year on the statewide California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) test, according to new data released by the California Department of Education. The percentage of Ventura County students who met or exceeded the state standards for English language arts (ELA) in 2017 was 49 percent, which is down one percentage point from 2016. In math, 38 percent of Ventura County students met or exceeded the state standards, which is unchanged from 2016. Ventura County scores are up three percentage points in ELA and two percentage points in math from 2015, which is the first year the test was given.

The results show three years of continuous growth in ELA for English learners, which is a population targeted for improvement by recent changes in the school funding system. They also show that Ventura County eleventh grade students have improved in ELA and math for three years in a row. The eleventh grade scores are used as a gauge of college readiness.

Also known as “Smarter Balanced,” CAASPP is administered each spring in grades three through eight and eleven. This is the third year of results for the computer-based assessment, which reflects California’s more challenging academic standards and asks students to write clearly, think critically, and solve complex problems. “We’re pleased to see growth in some key areas, but know there is more work to be done,” said Stan Mantooth, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools. “These scores provide the data schools need to focus attention on student populations who need it most. It also allows them to apply techniques that are working in districts that have seen the most improvement.”

Ventura County Highlights for 2017

NOTE: These highlights include scores for Las Virgenes Unified School District, which has territory that covers portions of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

  • ELA scores for English learners have increased for each of the three years the test has been administered. Math scores for English learners were unchanged from 2016.
  • Sixty-one percent of Ventura County eleventh grade students met or exceeded the standard for ELA, which is up from 59 percent in 2016.
  • Thirty-six percent of Ventura County eleventh grade students met or exceeded the standard for math, which is up from 33 percent in 2016.
  • ELA scores increased for African American and white students and were unchanged for Asian and Hispanic students.
  • Math scores increased for African American, Hispanic and white students and were unchanged for Asian students.
  • Ventura County ELA scores increased for students in third, fourth and eleventh grades, but decreased in fifth, sixth and seventh grades. The ELA scores were unchanged for eighth grade students.
  • Ventura County math scores increased for students in third and eleventh grades, but decreased in fifth, seventh and eighth grades. The math scores were unchanged for fourth and sixth grade students.

Additional details are available in these charts.

Individual Student Reports

Local school districts are mailing customized Individual Student Reports to parents. The reports provide a clear picture of how individual students performed in math and English language arts. The four categories of performance on the assessment are Standard Not Met, Standard Nearly Met, Standard Met and Standard Exceeded. Parents will be able to see how their children’s scores have progressed over the past three years. The reports also detail performance in seven key skill areas known as “claims” which include reading, writing and math concepts and procedures. This information allows parents and teachers to identify the areas where students can use some extra help.

The Bigger Picture

The CAASPP results website shows scores for individual schools, districts, counties and the entire state. This year, there are some new ways to view the data. Year-to-year progress shows how the scores have changed over time for up to three years. There’s also a new feature that allows side-by-side comparisons of different schools, districts and counties.



About the Ventura County Office of Education

The Ventura County Office of Education provides a broad array of fiscal, training and technology support services to local school districts, helping to maintain and improve lifelong educational opportunities for children, educators and community members. VCOE also operates schools that serve students with severe disabilities and behavioral issues, provides career education courses, and coordinates countywide academic competitions including Mock Trial and the Ventura County Science Fair. Learn more at:

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If the Las Virgenes District had the same ELA and math scores as the Oxnard District would Ventura County include them in its results?

Percent that met or exceeded the standards.

Ventura County-47.47%-36.29%
Conejo Valley SD-66.91%-59.13%
Oxnard SD-22.96%-13.17%
Las Virgenes SD-72.61%-60.21%

Barry Gabrielson

Additional money (billions of tax dollars) are thrown into education each year by this State and these are the results, which are appalling, disgraceful and disturbing.
“The percentage of Ventura County students who met or exceeded the state standards for English language arts (ELA) in 2017 was 49 percent, which is down one percentage point from 2016. In math, 38 percent of Ventura County students met or exceeded the state standards, which is unchanged from 2016.”
More that 1/2 of all student are not efficient in English, almost 3/5
not efficient in math. That is why more than 25% of CVUSD children go out of this county for a real education. That is why enrollment is decreasing every year. Does anyone in this community care about this poor education of their children, with billions of tax dollars going toward education. Why are these numbers so low? We spent 350M in bonds for 40 years, to pay for infrastructure not required, 50m School Board building improvements, state of the art football, basketball and baseball fields, no money in budgets for simple supplies. Look at the test scores for the past 25 years, they are yes, flat. Why are you not outraged that a majority of our children are not learning in public secular K-12 schools? Why has education not improved in 30 years, with the billions of extra dollars pumped into public education, with taxes are going higher in our community? Take morals, values and discipline out of public secular nihilistic schools, destroy the education of this child. Dumbing down the curriculum is not the answer people. Holding no one (teachers, administration, parents) accountable and responsible in our public secular nihilistic narcissistic K-12 is not working people. Where is your outraged, these scores are appalling? Since is consent. Teaching distasteful, disrespectful and not age appropriate books like the Diary of a Part Time Indian and Glass Castle is not the solution. Who is responsible for the education, morals, discipline, attitude and outcome of your child, the parents or the teachers? Your in charge of your child’s education, along with public secular schools you pay large amount of taxes for. They work for you, your their employer, not the other way around. When are you going to hold any public secular nihilist school personnel accountable for these poor test results? That is why teachers and Administrators don’t get performance reviews, not required. Knowledge is power, the lack of knowledge is indoctrination and the loss of the American Dream for your child.

Eileen Tracy

I’m pretty sure the problem is called the teacher’s union.

William Hicks

Are there any parts of California where ELA scores are higher than the mere 49%? That’s a pitiful score.