Ventura County conditions: surf ‘n turf on 1-7-15

By George Miller

Some surfer friends took me up to “C Street”/Surfer’s Point in Ventura on Thursday morning to check out the surf. They didn’t bring their boards because they thought conditions were too gnarly- turbulent and really dirty water from all the recent rain/storms. They are the kind of folks who watch the real-time surfcams on their TV and are off to the beach at the drop of a hat.

On the way up, we saw the snowy dusting on the peaks above Ventura, from Harbor Boulevard (below). It was gone by late afternoon :-(.

VenturaSurf1-7-15 028

Topa Topa Mountains above Ventura, seen from Harbor Boulevard, 1-7-16 Photo: George Miller/

The surf wasn’t as bad as in December, but it was rough enough. We walked up from near the pier to Surfers Point, chatting with people, seeing the sights and snapping a few photos- actually LOTS of photos, since we’ere amateurs and not many turn out OK, even with PhotoShopping.

VenturaSurf1-7-15 034

Ventura Pier again pounded, while repairs from December storms in progress, 1-7-16, Photo: George Miller/



area explored today: Ventura Pier to “C street” surfing beach, 1-7-16,


VenturaSurf1-7-15 079

Surfers Point, Ventura, 1-7-16. This is enough to give a sane surfer pause and a kayaker heartburn. Photo: George Miller/


VenturaSurf1-7-15 081

Even worse…Surfers Point, Ventura, 1-7-16. That’s Santa Cruz Island in the background, about 20 miles offshore and about 2000″ elevation. Photo: George Miller/


VenturaSurf1-7-15 040

Slow news day on 1-7-16? Regional TV stations had cameras rolling, as they soaked up the sun along the Ventura Promenade. Note seawater in the street from high surf. Photo: George Miller/

People were reporting finding dead rattlesnakes, frogs and miscellaneous debris along the beach. The frogs below, might have crawled way up on the beach under their own power before dying. They are about 4″ long w/2-3″ legs.


These dead frogs were recovered along the Ventura coast by Pam Schlotter of Oxnard. Photo: George Miller/


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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